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Videos of Obama that are concerning many... you decide!

Interresting videos from Citizenslim:

If the above videos say they are gone, click on them to go to the page they came from for further info and commentary. This is not my work, I am simply sharing it with you. Leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are. Take care.

Watch what they have to say about cancer

From LIVESTRONG: TRANSCRIPTSU2C.PDF (application/pdf Object)

VOTE YELLOW - Wear yellow tomorrow and take a stand for all who are touched by cancer in America!

I would love to get other candidates to respond to this question, however posed to them at the midnight hour. I am unaware if Lance requested responses from any other candidates, but I wish they had responses here also. If they would like to please email me and I will post it right away. Thank you!

Update on voting Ron Paul also voting poll!

From: Ron Paul .com

Vote Ron Paul In These Three States!

As a quick reminder for tomorrow’s election: Ron Paul is on the ballot in Louisiana and Montana. He is also an official write-in candidate in California (PDF).

Write-in votes for Ron Paul in other states will not be counted.

Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin on September 23.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama's family members are facing deportation and what is really going on. the McCain - Palin campaign is more truthful and upfront

McCain - Palin = Country and Freedoms First, AND - We can KEEP OUR Change!

At the events, signs should say:

Restore the Republic! Country and Freedoms First, AND - We can KEEP OUR Change!

With the emphasis on the "AND": as in when Obama says - change we need, - my point is - ya, our change he needs, - to pay for his socialistic engorgement of the government!

Pushing for truth!

Obama's family members are facing deportation for being here illegally, just in the news! Seriously. I have not link yet, but will post it in my blog!

Obama has a gang who are following him around and they are padding his numbers and making it APPEAR he has more followers than he does, they are the same people, and even dead people - just ask ACORN who registered them... IT IS AN ILLUSION, he only has about a fourth of the followers as appears as he has.

Obama fear mongers with his elitist agenda (With his posture in the psychological "just overcame hardship or oppression pose he ALWAYS is in and makes me nauseous) stating or implying the following:
Obama says = "off the plane reporters, back of the bus, or better yet walk, ", "we are watching you joe walk on the line or else ", "McCain will take your Medicare and so seniors, be afraid of him". "Now, vote for us, but fear us so you don't defy us or ask us hard questions we are to stupid to give a quality answer.", "Israel is an enemy and we can just hang out and talk to the terrorists and it will all be fine.", "Oh, ya we are guaranteed to have a terrorist attack after I am in office, just ask Biden.", "I never knew the people I knew for twenty years and I am not even sure where I was depending on who you are asking me that.", "What is VICTORY?, me and my friends hang out and they say, to bad we did not do more bombings to America.", "You need a birth certificate, hey joe can you scrape me up one of those?", "DO NOT ASK about my cousin in Kenya who is involved in genocide, the children who sing to me as their messiah, well, then Fericon (sp?) who says I actually am the messiah, eh, just do NOT talk to anyone and if they ask you hard questions, just yell over them and do not give them an answer.", "Was I supposed to be experienced, well at least I have fought for the rights of Marxist organizations, Illegal voter registrations, oppression of anyone who is in my way or who I can step on for my advantage, illegals hiding in the USA, and well pretty much anything anti-American, come to think of it.", "I am on the homeland security watch list, I thought that meant they were voting for me..."

Also Biden said he has had it "up to here, with patriotism!", saw it on fox news today - I was shocked and sickened.


also his whining has to stop, "they keep picking on me", oh grow some and suck it up and take it like a man not a mouse! He is a woos!

watch the videos and go to the links on this blog:
(Not in the News yet - Obama video that will scare you more than Halloween!)

Obama OPPRESSION, - ignorance about how they do what they say others should not, then complain someone hurt their feelings by telling the truth about facts, avoiding actually stating the facts because the other party was actually RIGHT, then rallying followers by getting their pity.

Obama acts like he is claiming some place in history for being Black. I see him as a MAN, he sees COLOR!!! If I was looking at people that way and wanted a "BLACK man", it would be someone who had qualities that stood out to me as special qualities that a Black man may more likely have, like not taking ANY BULL from anyone, say like Mr. T from the A-Team, or some exceptional man with a reputation for being a true patriot, not a whiner who just goes on about how hard his life was and how he gets picked on and whining about names he gets called.

Someone who uses their time for explaining to the audience numbers that add up, policies that give freedom to the people, and how the people can take their government back, how they can make a difference in their government in detail, he wastes so much time whining! Someone like Chris Gardner who is a true American and I NEVER heard him WHINE!!!!!

Vote for a person, not a color and NOT A WHINER!

Also the time frame of wall street's big loss (Huckabee's experts say was economic terrorism) to Obama gaining huge in campaign donations was the same time it would take to transfer funds from one bank account to another, giving time to split it up into smaller donations and such. His campaign has not released where they got all that money. You do the math.

Oh America, please don't turn your ear to the pied piper, wake up, the emperor is naked, STAND and defend her, she needs us to rise up and protect her from those who would infiltrate our boarders, manipulate our systems and destroy us from within as stated by Kenyans about Obama as they sing praise to him and call him their Messiah who will destroy the American PIGS from within and eagerly await his rise to power.

feel free to share, but not my name, obama will hunt me down like joe or something...

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