Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tragedy and Inspiration: Newtown, Conn. Community mourns the loss of Sandy Hook Elem. Students and Staff

Tragedy and Inspiration: Newtown, Conn. Community mourns the loss of
Sandy Hook Elem. Students and Staff

Tragic events today, my heart tugging to find answers, or hope. I
found hope in the children. I had to journal out loud. I just want to
reach out to those affected by the events at the Sandy Hook School
today in Newtown, Conn. <3

Turn from fear to inner peace, we are never fully safe, still, be
empowered to continue to walk boldly in your life's path, lifting all
we can't control or change to God. Taking each step in prayer and

Today, this "Newtown" lead us to a "Newly Awakened America" ~ moving
many to reflect on, and cherish the importance of family wholeness,
where promises, vows, discipline, responsibility, hard work, hugs,
being present, being open, sharing love and understanding,... matter.
I am reminded to cherish childhood years, because no one is promised
tomorrow, cherish and enjoy what really matters ~ experience simple
beauty and joy in every moment, because that moment is now, it is
yesterdays good memory, and it builds tomorrow.

Tonight you took us to church and your children spoke to our hearts,
their innocence reviving the most calloused of hearts, piercing
through the same media so often and all to easily desensitized to
violence and destruction, today felt the pain seen in the most
innocent of eyes, speaking straight to our hearts, reminding us the
vital importance to faithfully live out our parental, spousal, and
civic responsibilities with dedication, to nurture our family and
others hurting in our community. Your town inspired and comforted the
hurting by showing great reverence to faith, family, and community.
May God hold you all through this great tragedy.

Heartfelt sympathy and prayers for those who are in anyway affected by
the trauma forced upon the most innocent among us today. As only you
really know what you are going through, I can not imagine your pain,
and there are just no words to express, explain, or understand, but
America is here for you, prayers, listening ears, shoulders to cry on,
it may never be enough but we are here. My prayers are with you all
tonight as I light a candle and pray for you. <3

God bless.
:0) Wendy

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