Monday, April 11, 2011

FBI raid in Kentucky linked to HaLeigh Cummings

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East Grand Forks, MN, April 10, 2011: Photos mailed to Misty Croslin in prison depicting an older HaLeigh Cummings may have led to an FBI raid in Kentucky. The photo was sent to Misty Croslin by Doug Lindeman, Louisville, Kentucky who said he had seen the child several times in person and believes the child is HaLeigh. Photos show the child is being used for modeling. FOX 41 reported today that federal agents armed with assault rifles raided the home of Danny Druck, Okolona, Kentucky on Thursday afternoon. Hank Croslin, father of Misty Croslin, knew something was going to take place in advance. Hank Croslin was on the telephone with Timothy Charles Holmseth, author, Thursday evening and said something “huge” was about to happen that involved the FBI but he couldn’t discuss it until it was over. He said it was going to help his children who are in prison. On Friday, Hank Croslin told Holmseth he’d been told they had actually found HaLeigh Cummings alive in Kentucky and she was now safe. “Now I’m being told they don’t have HaLeigh but her DNA is all over the apartment,” Hank Croslin told Holmseth today. “I know HaLeigh is alive. I have photos of her! Photos nobody has seen that were taken after she disappeared!” said Chelsea Croslin, who sounded frantic. “If they got this guy in jail, HaLeigh might be starving and dehydrated in some building because there’s nobody there to take care of her now,” she said. Chelsea Croslin said she wants the media to contact her so the story can reach out of state.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Casey Flirts! Cheney Touches! Casey Gives Finger! Jose Sticks Out Tongue! Casey Gets iphone Lesson Everyone Laughs! A Baby is Dead!

Dr. Lillian Glass Body Language Blog: "Casey Flirts! Cheney Touches! Casey Gives Finger! Jose Sticks Out Tongue! Casey Gets iphone Lesson Everyone Laughs! A Baby is Dead!
April 8, 2011 - 12 Responses

Had I not viewed the in recent court tape of Casey Anthony and her lawyers with my own eyes, I NEVER would have believed it. I am stunned by everyone’s joyful and lighthearted behavior.

Maybe they actually believe that the magic golden wand will be the testimony of the two upcoming psychiatrists explaining away Casey’s Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome to account for her not reporting a missing Caylee for 31 days. No human being wil buy that. What about the years before where she told Cindy she had a job and graduated from high school ? Come on there is no way that these therapists can crate reasonable doubt with whatever they say. The police goose chase is not indicative of Post traumatic stress syndrome. Tt is indicate of sociopathy!

They were ALL in high and happy spirits as you can see from these screen shots below.

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» Transocean Awards Bonus For Incompetence? - Blogger News Network

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update on Fukushima

Fairewinds Associates, Inc | Leveling the Playing Field: "New Images Reveal Nuclear Fuel Rack Exposed to Air

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Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive - Workers struggle to plug leak at Japan nuclear plant « - Blogs

Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive - Workers struggle to plug leak at Japan nuclear plant « - Blogs: "CNN Wire Staff

Tokyo (CNN) - A first attempt to plug a cracked concrete shaft that is leaking highly radioactive water into the ocean off Japan failed Saturday, so officials are now exploring alternatives, spokesmen for Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.

Power plant workers had been trying to fill the shaft with fresh concrete, but that did not change the amount of water coming out of the crack, the spokesmen said at a news conference that ran late into the night Saturday.

Their 'plan B' is to use polymers to stop the leak, the spokesmen said. A Tokyo Electric expert will visit the site Sunday morning and decide what polymer to use before the work begins.

Workers will then break the shaft's ceiling and insert the polymer in a different spot from where they tried to place the concrete, they said.

Water from the 2-meter-deep, concrete-lined basin has been seen escaping into the ocean through a roughly 20-centimeter (8-inch) crack, the company said earlier Saturday. The shaft lies behind the turbine plant of the No. 2 reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, which was heavily damaged in the earthquake and resulting tsunami last month.

Radiation levels in the shaft have been measured at more than 1,000 millisieverts per hour, which is more than 330 times the dose an average resident of an industrialized country naturally receives in a year. Radioactivity above the shaft was measured at 250 millisieverts per hour, said Tokyo Electric, the plant's owner.

Tokyo Electric said it is discussing other methods to use should the polymer fail, but it hasn't identified what those other methods may be.

The discovery of the leak comes after a feverish effort in recent days to explain a sharp spike in contamination in seawater measured just off the plant. Tokyo Electric said the shaft lies next to the water intake for the plant's steam condenser, at the end of a long channel that has been filling with radioactive water for several days.

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