Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Letter to John McCain

John McCain,

Hello, I am a registered republican in Ohio and attended the LIVESTRONG Summit where you spoke about your experience with cancer. Thank you so much for attending. I am concerned because I want the Republican Party to win, and I am highly connected online with over a thousand direct contacts on various sites for various reasons. I am telling you, the only way to win the election is to select Ron Paul as your VP. If you had any idea how strong a following he has, you would realize that pull would not only benefit your agenda, it would re-energize the American spirit and increase moral. If you do not choose him as your VP, the multitude of supporters he has that plan to write him in, would inevitably throw off the election to leave the democrats to win. (Also take in account the third-party candidates who will be pulling more votes from the republicans than the democrats also.) Please do whatever it takes to convince Ron Paul to accept your invitation to be your VP. If you really are for our country, this is your only hope. The people are not buying your ads, your speeches nor are they convinced that you are honest, or that you have a clue what they are going through. I am telling you this will be the only way to pull the republicans together for victory.

You are in my prayers. Take care,

A VERY concerned Republican American

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