Tuesday, December 2, 2008

***Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving late, a Merry Christmas and a FUN CYBER Monday! LOL ****



Total crappy cyber Monday, okay, except the 12 good deals I found after my eyes were dried out and my carpel tunnel flared up cramping my hand into quite a unique position from the fast clicking to ensure my items did not disappear from my cart thus disallowing my coupon code to take effect, or from Wal-Mart and toys r us sites going down mid-day for "maintenance" LOL - RIGHT!
I seriously had a blast trying to find a great deal, thinking like a geek comes in handy, for instance if you think of the items that might be mis-marked, clearanced-out, refurbished and other items that may not be getting as much attention from the webmasters, they may actually fall into a loop hole allowing deeper discounts, or maybe an item with a picture and description that do not match. If the price is good for the more expensive item and they have a good return policy, take a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised! Two years ago a highly respected retailer listed Xbox live sets for about $7, the picture on the item was a cd case. I took a chance and got the Xbox live kit. I immediately reordered several for gifts or eBay. It is more fun to outsmart the shops and avoid the crowds. I have done all my shopping online and enjoy the packages arriving! I also like the fact that being delivered free also saves me a flight of steps and offers some security having more traffic to my home. if I would have carried them home, it would have caused me to be less able to function in other areas that day with my disabilities. This is a huge selling point for those with disabilities and retailers seem to overlook it. I also love to reuse the boxes when doing my own shipping.
I did have something start to happen that is really urking me with all my orders. I started getting emails that they had to cancel this or that because of high demand and so it will not be shipped, etc. Specifically ToysrUs and Sears. Then another that said they delayed my order due to my credit card not going through. It should not have been a problem and I really hope they do not cancel it.

I also had a problem with PayPal and their offer in the email they sent out today to save $20, I tried to pay with PayPal and had to call the place I was ordering from and they said PayPal was down all day due to so many people using the offer. My order that took me an hour or so to place - that I was lured to from the PayPal email - I was ultimately forced to use another payment method and will not get the PayPal refund! Anyone know if I have a claim? UGH!

Also, I am serious when I say Wal-Mart keeps going down. I started to place an order for their Wii games that were half off, and it keeps crashing and then I have to restart my order. I just gave up and hope they will extend their offer, they have to know the site was suffering so badly. They were the absolutely worst prepared for this season and offer little compensation to those who desperately want to shop with them even though we all love to hate Wal-Mart! You would think they would have had better deals, service and security. I don't think they even had a sweepstakes or anything. Many sites did and even my credit card did, so basically with all the drawings, I have at least one chance with every order to win something! YIPPIE!

Oh, Newegg.com had a the best deal on notebook memory, sears had some great deals on clothing as well as kohl's. remember to search the clearance and sale links, then sort price low to high to scrape the bottom of the barrel and either find a bunch of crap or a really cool deal!

I also am hoping to win (I never win Chris!!!) Chris Pirillo's sweepstakes! I am only entering with him and I will promise to use the equipment to get the local area LIVESTRONG Army up and going (Cancer support and help, etc.) So tell Chris to pick me!!! :0) Please! Okay, so that is my wrap up of my long day in the retail online realm instead of in line!

Hope whatever you do you have fun and enjoy giving this Holiday season!
God Bless!


Keep the loved ones of the worker who suffered his life for this madness in your prayers.

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