Friday, May 22, 2009

Ohio Students Arrested For Sharing Their Faith - Video link

Whether it be the public proclamation of the Gospel message (Romans
10:14-15), opening thy mouth for the voiceless (Proverbs 31:8-9),
preaching to the poor and comforting the brokenhearted (Luke 4:18),
warning the wicked of their way (Ezekiel 33:8-9), we have the
obligation and right to share the message of Jesus Christ to the
world. I have recently been made aware of a situation involving people
who were doing just that. Evidently they were wrongly persecuted and
may be prosecuted for their faith and sharing their faith. In no way
does it appear they harassed or stalked any other person while
witnessing, but rather were simply sharing their faith with others.
With that said I am expressing my disgust for the way that they were
treated and the negligence of the authorities for honoring their
rights. Furthermore, I request their release, that all charges be
dropped and expunged along with a public apology be made by all
authorities involved. I greatly appreciate your attention to the
proper handling of this matter.

In detail, I request that the charges against Caleb Green, Candace
Knapschaefer, Katie Carroll and Jason Storms be dropped immediately.

I also request that the charges against Daniel Pollion be dropped immediately.

I would like to express my disgust over the actions of Officer Michael
Beane and the other officers involved in the arrests of the FSSOE

I do not approve of his unlawful treatment of these Christians and I
am requesting that a full investigation into the handling of the
matter by the Sinclair Community College Police Department be

To the editor of the Dayton Daily News, I would appreciate a follow-up
of this situation be reported on once those involved handle the above
matters in the most honorable manor and make a public apology for the
wrongful treatment of those who were simply sharing their faith.

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