Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fight, Fight, Fight! They want you to FIGHT! What will you decide to do?

The word on the street is, a good snap of the toung gets the job done! I guess you would have to live in a cave not to have heard about all the celebrity outbursts occuring... STOP... Did you get that? Yes, in a cave, do you think that is a red flag? They have done a good job making sure EVERYONE knows about these outbursts. They want you thinking about doing it yourself. Think for yourself please. Do you think all these spats are more important than what is really going on in the world? no.

Watching politicians, celebrities and other famous people losing it creates an assumption that it is acceptable. It makes it glamorous. desirable. Then the puppet shepherds will be directing you to violence. Refrain. Have conviction, have restraint. Watch for your word from the true shepherd, you will know his voice.

Don't lose it, then they gain it.

They WANT everyone to be decensitized by this, then they hope WE act this way, THEN they have JUST CAUSE to incarcerate YOU! DO NOT Submit to their psychological suggestion. They laugh at your failure, Breathe, turn off the tv, appreciate nature for days, pray God gives you wisdom & discernment, then keep on YOUR PATH that God directed you on and don't let them pull you onto theirs, for there is room for one and they will run you over. God has a plan for your life - and THAT, is what they fear the most!

Calm, cool, collected, phone a friend and discuss something beautiful. Fight the propaganda with your own, of peace, focusing on God's beauty and desire, giving him the glory.

Stay focused and disciplined. Do not lose sight.
Tell me something beautiful God has shown you this week, or how he is working in your life! :0) I got to see a wonderful friend I have not seen in years and it was a wonderful time! :0)

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