Monday, October 12, 2009

Michelle Bachman's iPetition Against Acorn


"...President Obama, I urge you to immediately suspend all federal agencies from doing business with ACORN and using our hard-earned tax dollars to perpetuate their scandalous work. The Senate voted overwhelmingly to cut off ACORN. The House voted overwhelmingly to cut off ACORN. And, now individual states are taking this action as well. We want to know when you will use the authority you have to suspend and bar ACORN from federal funding."

Here is what I have to say:

ACORN needs disbanded!
People should have an equal volume to their voice, no one should have an artificial amplifier, misleading the general population, forcing them to question their beliefs and wonder why so many people think that way, when it is a false-proclamation - a fraudulent, phony representation of the people's voice. Let people be heard, but let it be their own true voice.

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