Monday, February 1, 2010

Jesus Rifle? - Not sure what to make of this one

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  1. Scripture on a weapon, this is what the govt. fears, that tells you a lot about how serious they take this war, if THIS is what they have on their minds & THIS is what they want to battle. What are they so afraid of? Oh no, someone might convert to Christianity & begin to forgive their enemies instead of having to USE the weapon, they might use love to cure disagreements in the world. We can't have that - the govt. makes MONEY on WARS, YOUR money. This isn't about a rule. It is about perpetual war.

    I totally agree with some here, however this is not about religion arguments and so on. They want everyone squabbling about religion, that is how they keep us divided, and they want us dis-focused, and they want their money machine WARS to continue. By throwing this out there with the spin the way they spun it, they are getting exactly what they want - and once again we get divided. Love each other and forgive, don't give the govt. satisfaction of dividing us. :0) Peace and take care everyone!

    PS - the scripture isn't even a scripture, it is the notation of it (ex. John 1:2) by the serial number, no words, just the scripture number, you can hardly tell what it is, you would have to be looking for it. How obserd to object to this. Government fools.


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