Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why we need to be connected even more and in unique ways

I received a question from an internet friend who was concerned about
losing the internet and what that would do for people in the outskirts
of town, or isolated in some way. How would they get the truth or
communicate with other like-minded individuals?

My opinion on this is as follows:
"You are so right. I believe there will be ways to connect and care
for our families. One could look at the Amish way of life and realize
that without the ways we are used to, there are ways and other
like-minded people. I actually think the internet will not be pulled.
The economy has fully encompassed the use of the net and e-commerce.
To do away with all the iphone and other android phones, apps, social
nets, and so on, would destroy so much of the economy and also they
use the net to advertise and propagandize to many who otherwise would
not be reached by regular means. I have seen tons of ads and sites
that are tools for the long reaching arms. I would say connecting with
like minded people, sharing resources like the acts church and being
in tune with God so you hear his voice, and you will be lead where you
need to go. I would also stock up on colloidal silver and a few other
basic health items. If you need help finding these, I am connected
with a nutrition shop and can connect you, so email me and I can hook
you up. :0) Don't fear, it will be okay one way or another if we all
stick together! :0) take care!"

So I wanted to make sure we could all stay connected. Make sure to
follow my blog for updates and to join a network of people helping
people. If you have a need, post it in the comments, if you have
something in excess, post that, if we can all start to share, it would
be a good thing. If you can, just pray for everyone reading this, so
they receive the wisdom they need to endure these times. Leave a
comment with your prayer request and anything else you want to share.
There are people who care out there! :0) As I have more insight, I
will post again, this is just a short note as I thought about the
comment I received today, leave a comment with your insight. Peace


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