Monday, February 28, 2011

URGENT ~ HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! PLEASE PRAY FOR US! OUR BASEMENT JUST FLOODED AND our furnace, water heater and so much more is down there! Please pray and ask your friends to pray also!

PLEASE PRAY FOR US! OUR BASEMENT JUST FLOODED ~ We have over 15 inches of water in it. Our furnace (had to turn off, was gurgling and burning with water in it), water heater and tons of storage items are there, I am at a loss and am in a panic.
The city still has the HUGE HOLE in my driveway that is right by our house/basement and is filling up with water going directly into our basement! I AM FURIOUS! We have tons of stuff down there, including our furnace, water heater and tons of stuff! I don't know what to do! The guys are trying to get stuff taken care of but I don't know if they can save anything! Any lawyers out there tonight? ahhhhh
They want over $2000 to come out right now. The red cross and fire dept said they couldn't help, had no pump...  ♥

Pray God makes a way for this to be fixed. and that the items are either not ruined or are replaceable in some way, the city dug a huge hole in our driveway, we can't even leave our house, and that is where the water is coming in from, the should help fix this. Pray my stuff that is important is not ruined and for God's will, that no mold grows, This problem has gone on for weeks with the city. I have pictures. They have blocked us in for days, then didn't come in one day to work on it, left huge machines in my front yard for days, they then hit the water line and we had no good water for days, then they hit the gas line, but it took them days to tell us and it was only as passing by from walking to the store for milk saying don't light a match outside there is a huge gas leak because we hit a gas line. It smelled STRONG even in our house for weeks, they still have the huge five foot deep hole in our driveway and we can not get out of our driveway AT ALL! We have to have people pick us up and take us places for weeks now! They have yet to address us. They also moved my car that we told them could not be moved, they waited until I was being driven by someone else to my doc apt and used their huge backhoes and huge equipment to SHOVE my car further into my driveway, it was previously stuck in a gear we couldn't get it out of and the hood was up, we told them we were working on it, we even had the battery out of it. The car was locked so there was no way they did anything but shove it. Now I have to see if they did more damage to it, but for weeks I can't leave or have it towed, nor can I afford it, to see if they did more damage, which I can't see how they didn't. Then they tried to lie about it, making like since the kids said they could move it they could! Are you serious! We were like, NO! I don't think that flies, we told you not to move it! What can we do, the city is destroying our house, cars, tainted our water to the point it was shut off for days, and so on, WITHOUT so much as an appology! Please if you are a lawyer looking for a pro-bono case, please help! I am disabled and have nothing to spend on these things. ANY help would be appreciated! THANK YOU SO MUCH for caring! leave a comment here if you are or know a good lawyer! Thank you!

I don't even know the right things to say right now, I am really shook up. It is also still storming and may rain more. We are very poor and there is no way we can replace or fix this, the basement people quoted at least $2000, and there is no way we can pay that, and that is just dealing with the water issue, not to mention the car and the items destroyed, computers, furniture, a cabin bed, washer and dryer, and so on, I am sick, sick , sick to my stomach!) we are struggling to pay our basic bills as it is, but we can't live in a molded flooded house... Just pray and God will know what to do. Thank you so much for caring and praying, it means the world to me. ♥

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