Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pain Care in America

People need to find something better to do with their lives than ruin the lives of legitimate pain patients who are no longer able to get the pain care they need as legitimate doctors get scared off by legislation, paperwork, and fears of incarceration, forcing them to make some drastic decisions about their health care, quality of life and taking risks themselves to get the medication they desperately need which their quality of life SHOULD NOT BE limited or legislated because someone else chooses to ruin theirs! Legalize it like Advil for all I care, but stop implementing road blocks for those already suffering to have to climb over. If someone wants to ruin their life, they will find a way. We don't limit the sale of paint, yet people huff it every day, the same with tons of other stuff. This is ridiculous, and to those who take this and don't need it, may God have mercy on your soul as you cause people in pain to not have the care they need. shame on you, I wish you the pain in your life equal to that of which you relieve in yourself with medicine meant for others who don't have the luxury to live as you. May God have mercy on your dark soul.

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