Monday, November 28, 2011

Poverty in America - We have the power to make things better

...noticing the rain and cold makes me think about those without a roof over their head tonight... so many empty houses and wasted food, lonely people with rooms to share, people driving places with empty seats, while so many would be blessed to fill those spots... oh how bureaucracy, banks, sin and fear (and fear of sinners who take advantage - or are criminals taking advantage of good intentions), bind us and blind us, from healing our land and bringing our own country out of poverty and need. Yet we send tons of money over seas for political gain, and turn a blind eye to our suffering neighbors here at home, our service men and women are ignored and left to their own after giving their entire life for us... if we all found one way to reach out, what a huge difference it would make and it would empower us to help each other instead of the government filling the void left by our greed. I am here if you need me and I am sorry if I was ever not there when you needed me.  peace n hugs guys :0)

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