Sunday, April 21, 2013

My response to the news reporting surveillance cameras help us!

Where has America land of the free and home of the brave gone!? Where
are we free anymore, or have privacy? This is insane, true there may
be benefits to doing the wrong thing, but that does not make it into a
"right" thing. Seems like we are all slowly being turned into citizens
on house arrest allowed to create wealth for the system, but never
truly free. People died to give us freedom and fought to make a
REPUBLIC for which we stand, stand, because you can't sit back and
watch it, our forefathers said we are to "keep it" or we will lose it.
Many give up everything to come here for a better life full of
promise, opportunity and freedom. I heard a recent family from a
communist country say they were shocked at what we have become, they
moved here to get away from communism, only to find we are headed
there. I pray they are wrong. We are a REPUBLIC and we need not allow
any infringements upon that, because it will destroy us like a cancer.

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