Saturday, July 19, 2008

chronic pain, cancer and hope

chronic pain, cancer and hope

I know with the DEA's war on doctors it has been hard to maintain a doctor who will care for chronic pain patients, as they often get nervous if they have to write narcotic medication, citing the DEA's regulation of how much they are allowed to prescribe and how other local honest and caring doctors have lost their license for messing up. Then they have to refer you to another doctor, while the DEA watches patients also for "seeking" activities, which include, changing doctors often. So, how can we get through these hoops and maintain a consistency in our medical treatment without being forced to find something online or being forced out of treatment or worse? They actually could push patients into having to decide to hunt down meds from others or commit suicide from the pain. A patient could decide the chance of jail is worth it rather than dying and putting their loving family through that trauma. It is sad that that actually happens. A good resource for help is the pain relief network. If you google them, I believe they show up first. They really support patients and are not a front for a pharmaceutical company. I was pushed to a near point of suicidal thoughts and such after an ER visit went bad and they sent me home without addressing my pain seriously and treated me like a criminal because I felt like I was burning alive from my neuropathic pain due to toxicity from chemotherapy treatment I received about a year ago or so. I now suffer from multiple diagnosis that all exasperate pain. It is hard to get around and then to have to go to a doctor monthly just to see the doc and have a script wrote, when a lot of pain could be avoided if I had less appointments where I spend hours in a chair that pains me. (My conditions really require me to be in a recliner basically most of the day.) Between the pain docs, oncologists, specialists, labs, emg's, ct scans, x-rays, and so on, I really think it would help if appointments just to have scripts wrote would only happen like once every three months. It is very draining to endure so many appointments so often. It leaves any energy and abilities I would have for the week to enjoy time with my family, spent for hours on end in a painful position in a hard chair. I am however, greatful for any and all medical care I do get. Don't get me wrong. It is just a double-edged sword. If you have any advice on how patients could get this burdon eased, I know many people who would benefit from it. Thank you and I hope you have a blessed weekend!

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