Friday, July 18, 2008



The video for you:

This is a must watch video. Watch it all for information on what can be done and please do not just sit back and watch, get involved. Our great country needs you!

my comment:

"Stand for something or fall for everything! Mock what you do not understand. I am sure I have myself. We have to research for ourselves, not just push a button based on what category we most likely fit in. There is so much to what Ron Paul is saying. He has references, data and resources to back up what he has to say. It is not just political propaganda. If you begin to research Ron Paul and the revolution, you will begin to see there is a vast amount of information on all the sites supporting what his platform is and the issues he brings up. With such extensive information for you to research, you will understand he cares about America as much as we do and wants to make things work and to begin the process to fix what is broken and to restore our freedoms - including medical issues and ending the drug war, which is limiting patients ability to maintain a continuum of health care. You have to research Ron Paul, then come back and state your argument against him if you still think you have one. Otherwise, do not impose prejudice against Ron Paul supporters just because they believe different than you. That is quite hypocritical isn't it. Take care out there. ;-)"

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