Friday, September 5, 2008

Cancer Links and Support :-)

Sites: - they also have a database of other help sources

The American cancer society can assign you a patient navigator

LIVESTRONG can help assign you a patient advocate

More stuff I found:

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Andre Sobel River Of Life Foundation, 310-276-7111Presents an unrestricted annual cash award to young people who have survived a life-threatening illness. [website] [email]

Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund, 818-737-1866Supporting patients 18-40 currently undergoing cancer treatment by covering services to meet daily needs, such as co-payments, health expenses, rent, insurance, etc... [website] [email]

Cameron Siemers Foundation For Hope, 877-774-7768Offers life grants to young adults with life threatening illnesses inspiring a new generation of survivors to create a life of hope and possibility. [website] [email]

Cancer For CollegeAwards national scholarships and financial aid to cancer patients and survivors, as well as amputees under the age of 35. [website] [email]

Cancer Survivor's Fund, 281-437-7142Scholarships and financial assistance to help young adults obtain prosthetics or continue their education for personal growth. [website] [email]

FinAid, 724-538-4500Scholarships for cancer patients, cancer survivors, children of a cancer patient or survivor, students who lost a parent to cancer, and students pursuing careers in cancer treatment. [website] [email]

Jay's World, 516-297-5328.Assists college-bound adolescents who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families through an annual scholarship program. [website] [email]

Michael A. Hunter Memorial Scholarship, 717-215-0943National scholarships for high school seniors, community college and four-year university students with leukemia and/or bereaved young adults due to leukemia. [website] [email]

National Collegiate Cancer Foundation, 717-215-0943Enabling and empowering college students who are battling cancer with emotional, psychosocial and financial support including scholarships. [website] [email]

Nicki Leach Foundation, 904-304-8531Lifestyle scholarships and financial assistance for adolescent and young adult cancer survivor students that provide for everyday expenses like car payments, clothing and more. [website] [email]

PAF 'Scholarships for Survivors', 800-532-5275Annual scholarships for adolescent and young adults with cancer under the age of 25 that provide financial assistance covering related expenses. [website] [email]

The Ryan Mullaly Second Chance FundOffers scholarship assistance to young people whose high school years were disrupted by cancer and whose ability to qualify for most scholarships was precluded by the extensive absenteeism and physical disabilities which result from chemotherapy and radiation.[website] [email]

The SAMFund, 617-780-9606Helping young adult cancer survivors with a successful transition into their post-treatment life by providing financial support through grants and scholarships. [website] [email]

Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation, 303-886-5018Offers post-secondary scholarships to current year high school graduates who are survivors of cancer who reside in Colorado, Montana, California, and Arizona. [website] [email]

SuperSibs Scholarships, 866-444-7427Scholarships to students who illustrate their ability to take a cancer experience and turn it into a positive, strength-building experience. [website] [email]

Ulman Cancer Fund For Young Adults, 888-393-FUNDSupporting, educating and connecting young adults affected by cancer through on-line resources, college scholarships, advocacy and awareness. [website] [email]

Working Against Cancer, 619-269-6767Assists young adult cancer survivors (ages 30 yrs and under) by providing awards toward academic and vocational education. [website] [email]

Other Financial Aid Resources:
(Organizations who don't necessarily focus on young adultsbut who provide similar financial assistance services)

American Cancer Society, 800-ACS-2345Survivors of childhood cancer can turn to the American Cancer Society for help paying tuition, books, and room and board[website] [email]

Children of Breast Cancer, 423-842-3329Provides scholarships for secondary education especially to children who have lost a parent to breast cancer as well as to children of breast cancer survivors. [website] [email]

HealthWell Foundation, 800-675-8416Helps individuals afford prescription medications they are taking for specific illnesses by providing financial assistance to cover certain out-of-pocket health care costs. [website] [email]

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 800-955-4572Co-Pay Assistance Program offers assistance to patients toward private health insurance premiums, co-pay obligations , etc... [website] [email]

Patient Advocate Foundation, 866-512-3861The Co-Pay Relief (CPR) Program provides direct co-payment assistance for pharmaceutical products to insured Americans who financially and medically qualify. [website] [email]

Patient Services Incorporated, 800-366-7741Dedicated to subsidizing the high cost of health insurance premiums and pharmacy co-payments for persons with specific chronic illnesses and rare disorders. [website] [email]

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