Sunday, September 14, 2008

When Your Doctor Won't Prescribe Narcotics: Tips for Getting the Pain Relief You Need - Chronic Pain -

As I sit here now, an under-treated pain patient, I ponder how long it will be before the pain knocks me out or does me in. I overcame cancer and am suffering so bad in such pain - so so bad, and yet am stuck in a cycle of fearful doctors unsure if they can write me what I need. I do not get it. I am ready to get my life back, but spend so much time suffering in my recliner. I try to get out, only to be overcome in the grocery store in tears of pain needing help completing my checkout. I lump over the cart, clinging to it in pain, wondering if any doctor will ever really get it. Pray they do. I slept 14 hours last night/today and it is a reaction from a medication that should treat pain, but really I fear it is deadly and I need them to prescribe percocet, but they don't, so I am a guinnea pig I guess and it only worsens my depression. I have little hope for help, but know God will not give me more than I can handle. I must be REALLY tough. Fight for people like me, I know from different groups I am in that there are tons of us out there. I want these meds so I can LIVE my life, not to ESCAPE it. That to me is the big difference between an abuser and a pain patient. I just can't give up. This is MORE painful and emotionally draining than my cancer treatment and if you knew how horribly traumatic that was, you would be shocked at that statement, but it is true. I have NO medical support for the pain I am in, and no cheer-leaders encouraging me on like before. I have things said like "cant you just think happy thoughts and it will go away" and "oh, your still hurting?" as IF it can just go away. I wish. I wish.
Someone has to know someone who can help me. Please email me if you do. I hate not living. I hate it.

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When Your Doctor Won't Prescribe Narcotics: Tips for Getting the Pain Relief You Need - Chronic Pain - "When Your Doctor Won't Prescribe Narcotics: Tips for Getting the Pain Relief You Need

Fear of misuse has led some doctors to tighten their prescribing practices.

Even though the risk of addiction to opioid medications is low for chronic pain patients, heightened awareness of abuse and stepped-up law enforcement against misuse has spooked many physicians, making it harder for some pain patients to get the drugs they need."


  1. yeah the pcp, says go to the "pain clinic" and the "pain clinic" does not give any medication... only sterriods. buch of assholes.

  2. I'm here for you girl. I understand My doctor's words today. "There isn't a cure, You can only help You" Severe Pain In my right shoulder for over 15 years now. I moved and lost my doctor that was helping me. Now NSAID's is the answer well raising a child and getting 2 to 4 hours sleep nightly I really Think I have something wrong with my shoulder if NSAIDS arent working just making me dizzy hot and My husband tells me I fight to breath when I sleep. But "Hey That is all we can do for you." I understand the addiction's rules and regulation's unfortunatly The addicted are the one's that get them when People with Chronic "REAL" pain are being rejected. I get it your right Congrat's on blog you got it down tight girl! Just today I Got the comment "There Is no cure for you, but 3 x's a month we want you to see our psychologist" I guess I Should have been in the movies I act Awesome at "Pain" for 15 years what was I thinking.NOT. I am also sick of these DR's not putting our Pain a priority My family practice DR told me "I do have other Patient's Your not my only patient" And lye his non-Painful body down at night and sleep through. While I am working my Pain tollerance up daily on NO sleep. So as of my appt. today I have been told "No hope in a cure" and scedual and appt in 3 weeks we will see you then , WELL if there is no cure why am I coming back again? OH YEAH I have medical coverage! gotcha Well Thank You DR Goodnight sleep tight!

  3. i know where your at, all pain patents are junkies. the problem is the fucken idiots who are our so called leaders. besides if you wanna be a leagle drug user the rest of your fucken life that should be up to you... i thought good ole usa was a free ... was free a million years ago.. i hope all these shitty drs burn in hell!!!! if only i had the power id show these overeducated fucks!!! i wish you the best god love ya...

  4. I was told I have a crushed vertibry. I told my docter that I had a high med tolerance, he just perscribed me tramadol and antidepressants. lol said he won't give me narcotics. Fucking asshole! I know I'm only 21, but I am in serious pain all fucking day. Then I have to take so much tramadol, that I get sick, just so I can stand up straight. You kow what the max dose per day is with ramadol (50mg) 6. I take 3-4 at a time 3 times a day. Now I am bleeding when U poop and I told him that if I had a good narcotic, I coulkd mix them with my current meds and take less. all he did was refilled my tramadol. that should me illigal!

  5. I never go to my doctor anymore asking for pain killers prescription and then be turned down at the end, all I do is order online from hassle free and low cost, they have three pain killers listed on their website which are ultram tramadol celebrex that you buy, and the best part is no prescription required!!!

  6. I'm 48 and have had pain for several years. My doctors in PA put me through tests before prescribing percocet, but it was worth the wait. The first time I took one, I cried. Never realized just how much I was hurting because you get used to dealing with it, you know? Well, now I'm in northeastern CT, and nobody is willing to take care of me pain-wise. I've spent most of the time for several months in bed, hurting. I get so frustrated that I don't care if I go to the doctor for my insulin or anything else.

    You're not alone, not by any means.

  7. been having neck and back pain randomly on and off for several months. my family doc gave me darvocet, tylenol with codeine, and a host of anti inflamatories and muscle relaxers. after several visits , wasting time and money and continually telling him what was not working, he continued prescribing me the same meds. finally i went to a pain management doc two weeks ago, gives me vicoden 5mg off the bat and a muscle relaxer. ok some progress i think. i had to use it 2 or three times due to severe pain in the last two weeks, didn't work. so i go back and he gives me anti inflamatory, muscle relaxer and prilosec in case the first 2 mess up my stomach. step backwards. if FDA regs are scaring docs out of prescribing necessary medications, that is really disheartening. we have heroin addicts getting all the opiods they want on the street but people in pain going to there docs are getting nothing. something needs to be done to prevent this from getting worse at least.

  8. Ive had shoulder pain on my right and it keeps getting worse. I can barely move my arm and my doctor wont give me anything. Ive gone through pt, and numerous injections to no avail. I just got another one last night and "see you in three weeks" I feel like no one believes me, either. Next time I go back, I'm going to tell him I give up and write me back to regular work. Not only do I have constant pain, but now I'm depressed. Thanks doc. Why would he give me 100 tramadol, I tell him they're working, then he gives me nothing.

  9. I believe a person can give up when you don't have people in your life to help you ..
    I have been suffering since 16 yrs old. I am now 28 with 3 children. I don't want pain medicine I want to feel better.
    At this point in my life I hate and regretfuly say "yes I do need something for pain"
    I don't know if Im going to make it. I have 3 boys and love them to death but I hate the person I am when in pain. It's chronic pain . I look at pictures of me when I feel good and envy that girl.
    The pictures my husband takes of me on my bad days are horrible. I m sick of this fucking bastard doctors listening to orders. Give people pain medicine before they take themselves out of pain. I exercise I eat well, I have to curves in my spine and have been in 7 car wrecks (only was driving in one of the accidents) These happened throughout the last 15 years. But since Im 28 years old they won't help me. good luck and God bless.

  10. no matter what doctor you see anymore, they will not prescribe you anything,my daughter was in a roll over accident in which they flipped five times and they would not give her anything for pain! they just dont care.

  11. WOW! I don't know what to say, I feel for EVERYONE on here! You all have seriously been denied care and it is an OUTRAGE! I am blessed to have finally gotten care, but after years of being treated like crap because docs are scared of the feds, and the media. The meds used for pain management are safe, they do not harm your internal organs and should be used for anyone who needs them. If someone decides to use these meds, such as oxycodone to ruin their life, they probably will find another way to ruin their life if that is not available. Such is life, but to limit someone's quality of life, and longevity because a politician is afraid you could become a druggie, is absurd and offensive to say the least. Oxycodone and opiates save lives every day and should be respected for that and should not be an oppressed medication for political or other reasons, let people have pain relief, let people live!!!

  12. Replies
    1. You my friend have some nerve.....God forbid should you ever find yourself suffering from pain, maybe you'll have to go the the streets and become a junkie huh?

  13. I'm 28,disabled,and have 3 daughters(n I'm divorced so I raise em' on my own).I had a dr. who put me on fentanyl patches (100) Perc 10's, Somas and Lortab 5's -yes, all to take at one time. That was when I was first disabled due to nerve damage and double scoliosis-I was 20. I was called in for a pill count(had NEVER missed one before)my husband at the time had my vehicle thus I had no way to get there so they cut me off!That was 4 years ago and thanks to that I'm lucky if a Dr. will give me Lortab 7.5's twice a day. Fell n broke my spine in 3 places n have a broken shoulder, the specialist gave me valium and Perc 10, 15 count, take1 at bed-time.. That 1 perc does me a LOT of good during the day while I'm tryin to take care of my kids. Dr's suck...They act like writing you ANYTHING narcotic no matter how bad the injury/problem is-they are giving it to you outta their own stash or something. Glad to see I'm not the only one having problems like this.. Good luck to everyone out there n hope you all feel better.. oh and the April 24 guy--you'll need it someday n will eat those words well, unless your a pothead who stays too stoned to realize what pain is.. :) I know, I'm a bitch--pain makes ya that way at times..

  14. Im 26 yrs old and im so glad I found this blog I mean it brought me to tears I have been suffering from chronic severe low back pain for a year now and can only get vicodin if I go to the er. My drs wont even give me a ct /mri to see what the issue is. They say its sciactica but thats only a symptom to other problems. Its to a point where I cannot bend, my left leg or stand straight. I need help ya know pain relief I have 5 small children to care for if I cant even get out of bed because of the pain what can I do? They prescribe me motrin I cant take it it makes me sick I tell them this they say eat with it it does not work. I have gotten so discouraged I really dont know what to do anymore. I just gave up. Good luck to everyone else. I wouldnt wish this on anyone

  15. Wow it is good to know I am not the only one. I have a.v.n. in my hip and the joint has basically died. I can not get any help from the Dr,s here in W.V. all I get is the run around. One Dr at the E.R. in Clarksburg told me that they either need to fix the problem or treat the pain. That man was a genius. He sent me away with 5mg Vicodin. 40 pills. My reg Dr dose not want to treat pain any more and sent me to a pain clinic where they talked about all kinds of things including mediation to help the pain but would not prescribe any pain meds. I felt like kicking the dude in the crotch and tell him meditate on that. I have done some things to help my pain that I am not proud of and never thought I would do. People sell there pills on the street and I have had to buy them so I could get threw work. I have even tried herion, what is worse. The herion worked almost to well so I will stay away from that one. I am at a point now where I hope that I wish to die on a daily basis but am only hanging on for my wife and kids.

  16. Again, its good (or bad) to hear about people who have the same problem as I. 6 months ago, I was in the best shape of my life, running 5 miles a day and bench pressing 350 pounds, as a 40 year old man. Then I got sick....near death sick, I developed what is called "chronic Empeyma," when pneumonia or other infections cause the lung to collapse and be incased in sort of a rind or peel. I was rushed in for Emergency surgery, where my chest was opened, using a RIB SPREADER, then for 5 and a half hours, surgeons worked on freeing my lung. After being removed from the ventilator and having not one, not two, but three chest tubes pulled, I was sent home.... with a weeks worth of 5mg oxycodone. Needless to say, it's now 5 months post surgery.. I can't run AT ALL...its hard enough to lift myself out of bed (when I'm lucky enough to sleep). I can only describe the pain to people as feeling like I am walking around 24 hours a day with a sword run through my chest. bending, twisting, lifting, reaching, rolling over in bed, sneezing, coughing..are EXCRUCIATING. And I am being told that I either will not get any more oxycodone..or, if I'm extremely lucky, I get a 2 week supply, that I am told to make last for 40 days. So, I spend the 40 days deciding when I do and dont want to be in agonizing fucking pain. What these doctors are doing is tantamount to malpractice... just because a bunch of kids are crushing up pills and snorting them, should have NO FUCKING BEARING ON MY NEED FOR THIS MEDICATION TO LIVE ANYTHING CLOSE TO A NORMAL LIFE.

  17. I am in the same situation as a lot of you. 30 years old, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, scoliosis, sciatica, just had a bilateral mastectomy and a hernia operation too. Well, the surgeon didn't wanna give me very many pain pills cuz I am a chronic pain patient...

    SO, I had to have TWO surgeries in one day (mastectomies and hernia) and got 30 pain pills. 2 every 4 hours, that lasted me 3 days.

    If you can't get your meds, you need to look into the law of attraction. The movie "the Secret" is a life saver. It might seem like a crock of crap, but the brain is a powerful thing.

    So, continue to try to get your relief, Im not saying you don't need pain meds. You do.

    But, for the days when you can't get them, or have to save what little you have for work or the next day, learn to use The Secret to heal yourself and to block out the pain.

    It's one of the hardest things you will ever do. To try to convince yourself that you aren't in pain when you are is VERY hard.

    This doesn't have to be a religious thing, either. It works very well if you have faith to begin with, but it doesn't require it.

    I promise you, though. It is possible to an extent.

    Just google "The Secret" you can find it on torrent sites and bookstores, amazon, audio book, dvd, etc.

    Good luck everyone. Im not as bad off as many of you, I know that and I am thankful.

    I wish you the best, God bless.

  18. i got a blood clot when i was pregnant from my iliac vein to the back of my knee. this was 3 and a half years ago. i've had pain the whole time. it hurts to walk, hurts to lay, to sit. nothing helps. i'm some gerbil that my doctor wants to try all of these new meds on. all she will give me is tramadol and informed me that she does not give narcotics out because she "saves those for the cancer patients." it's upsetting to live like this. i can't even run around with my son. i don't even like waking up sometimes and i'm only 24. it shouldn't be like this. also, to the person who said we were all "junkies," i'd love for you to spend one fucking day in chronic pain and see if you'd be wanting meds. you're just like the doctors, think everybody is a junkie who wants medication because they have no idea what its like to live in pain EVERY DAY. if it makes me a junkie in your eyes for wanting my pain to go away or hurt a little less than so be it. i wish everyone else on here the best. maybe on day we'll all find doctors who have or have had chronic pain and they will know what it truly feels like.

  19. I am so sad to see so many people suffering, and wish like anything that it wasn't the way it is. My husband and I have gone to our family doctor for nearly 30 years. I've got degenerative disk disease, with several ruptured disks in my neck and lower back. My husband has a vascular disease which has already taken his right leg, and will soon take his left. Our doctor has prescribed Lortab 5/500 for us for as long as we've both been unable to get through a day without pain that stops us cold. We can't afford to stop living yet, but nerve pain is pain unlike any other. We've been carefully monitored and always been open and honest with our trusted physician, and were able to lead our lives as normally as possible with being in chronic pain for so long. It is getting hard for me to walk; I can no longer raise my arms over my head. NOW, with the new law, our doctor has decided to no longer treat chronic pain. We were sent to a clinic that was dirty, the doctors treated us like doctor-hopping pill-shoppers and we felt so degraded and disbelieved that I cried all the way home. They will not help my husband because his is not an orthopedic pain. I'm already know I'm allergic to nearly all arthritic medications they keep wanting to put me on because I've tried them before. I also cannot take NSAIDS. They told me that severely cut down on their arsenal of what they could help with and I said, I know that! I've been through this with other pain clinics for years. So, a low dose of Lortab was the best recourse for us both because it would ease the pain, but not affect us in ways so adverse that we wanted to die, which is what all those other meds did. This new clinic wants us to go every month ($60.00 EACH co-pay), and if they choose to give us anything, it will be a small amount that, like the other person said, we will have to decide when we can't stand the pain and when we can afford to be incapacitated from it. We are not junkies. Neither of us have ever smoked, drank, or taken an illegal drug of any kind. I don't even drink COFFEE for Pete's sake. Our Dr. is unhappy that he can no longer help patients he's known for almost 30 years, but his hands are tied because of the new govt regs that are trying to stop the people who do abuse, and are either addicted or selling as their only source of income rather than work. My husband still works full time on a prosthetic. We do not want to escape life, we want to LIVE life. We're gospel singers, with kids and grandkids, and too much to live for to be this unhappy because we are hurting. I wish all the best to everyone on here, and pray that someday the bad guys will stop ruining things for legitimate needs people.

  20. my name is mike i too am in great pain 24/7 since 2003 i was getting themeds i needed till all this about abuse of drugs came out never tested dirty, didn't abuse or sell my meds because i needed them not to get high but to stop the pain and when my parents and family started hearing about everyone else abusing and dieing from they called my doctor and told them to stop giving me the meds i feel like i have no hope in so much pain if it were for god i just do myself in i pray we will find way to stop this torture and chronic pain mike

  21. I have suffered with Chronic pain from venous insufficency, leg ulcers for 9 years. I totally understand your plight, and pain. I nevr sleep thru the night, I average 4-5 hours broken sleep a night sometimes less if the pain is severe.I go days of not being able to anything but stay off my feet, I am often depressed from missing out on so much in life. i do a lot of research on pain med alternatives. There area lot of resources on the in particular is called works like an nsaid, but without all the harmful side affects, it helps to control pain and inflammation .

  22. feels like the world is against you sometimes. i suffer from severe abdominal pain every day of my life. to the point were i lay in bed in the fetal position for 12-14 hours a day in tears. mind you i am an uninsured 23 year old who is missing out on life because of idiots who abuse pills, to make matters worse i can not work due to the pain. not to mention i live in fucking Delaware, one of the most strict states in the country when it comes to narcotics. i hope one day i find a pain management doctor who will help me get my life back because i do not know how much longer i will let myself live like this day in and day out. suicide is an everyday thought in my life. good luck to you all.

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