Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Katie Couric Attacks Palin

Red-head rant: (not for the Katie-lovers, I apologize in advance but I just had enough of her games.)

I am not voting for McCain (Unless he embraces truth and also vows to abolish the IRS and Federal reserve and let Ron Paul lead like - everything), but I will tell you Katie Couric's interview tactics were a sickening embarrassment and her attempt to belittle Palin were blatant and obvious. She is a sickening excuse for a woman, let alone a journalist. I feel like vomiting. It seems as though she is oozing with jealousy for Palin and her power hunger is obvious as her career moves and tactics show. Her jealousy is an embarrassment for all women and she should be removed from the forefront of American journalism. She should seek forgiveness. Ugh, what an embarrassment.

After posting this, I would like to add the following:

I think the entire debate and fight between the dems and republicans is irrelevant and set as a stage to divert the American publics attention. There is a huge elephant in the room. Watch "Freedom to Fascism" and visit the campaign for Liberty website. Then, I question you, after educating yourself about the dire situation in America, will you take great responsibility to fix it? ;-)

The Government is servant to the people, not the other way around. We hold the power and we hold the key to saving our country. Revolutionaries and truthers welcome here!

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