Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama SOS post

Many people have already made their decision to vote for McCain, that is why we are not at his events, we are reaching out to you. God Bless you.

Also I have a true Obama slogan for McCain to announce to all you Obama followers: "YOUR change, we need!" (to fund big government) "Patriotism is allowing government to Spread your money to Agencies while you bleed."

In a free republic, we donate to charities voluntarily, not forcibly.

Socialism is forced government implementing GOVERNMENT-owned and operated Agencies and forced giving to them for people who may deserve and need it, but the paperwork required to BEG for it and feel belittled is another way the government oppresses and controls you.

Freedom is seeing a neighbor who is struggling and helping out or at least having a charity they can reach out to. NOT having the government step in, in every aspect of your life as if you are too stupid to breathe.

Pray for God to heal our land, seek his face, he will heal our land. ;0)

To the Obama followers:

Stand for something or fall for everything.

You have fallen for everything, everything he said, of which has left you empty with your future to dread. In fear you let him in, into your life, wallet as he grins, glance away and wish you woke, before your mind begins to soak, so much in that you have no defense, a wink to you shows his innocence, innocence? Nowhere to find it, strange folks beside him, for reasons of their own gain, In the mirror there is truth, in your heart there is hope, let NO man bring you illusion and call it truth, let no man answer your questions with diversion, taking you for granted, he insults your intelligence and belittles our sons and daughters, sounding like a terrorist he goes on to deny them equipment, mocking us and our beliefs and being worshiped as a messiah, children sing to him in Kenya and elsewhere stating he will take down the American pigs from the inside, you blindly back him, wake up and see the emperor is naked and his music you follow blindly is leading you to imprison yourself and your family.

listen to the wind, hear the truth as it bellows by, the truth is everywhere for you to see, deny self-righteous pride, realize how the truth he hides, God is to be worshiped, not the president, take down the blinders, why does he allow them to worship him, why is Kenya watching, fear he will soak into you, taking your future, your peace, your freedom, forcing your hand to not demand, taking away your right to stand, no need to protest, no need to appeal, no hope for redemption, for your meal you must kneel, to him for a piece of his pie, not yours anymore, hypnosis and psychological manipulation he may attempt, God can help you discern, deny him your pity, a man must be able to stand, without a whimper, a cry or an attack, babbling and repeating words like pie, he deceives you, a man must be able to stand, for something more than pretty words, where has he overcome a battle for another, where has he taken a battle scar for one weaker, carrying the baggage for one who struggles or anything not for making him look better. Obama has you duped and he smirks about it every day. You think your helping the world. Well, maybe the world wants to help itself. Maybe the world wants to work with you, not have things mandated to it in order to receive your blessings. God gives us blessings with no strings attached and we are to try to be like Jesus. Helping others should not be conditional. If there are reasons not to help, easy - DON'T. Work with people, not AT them.

My life, my freedom -

take it back, give it to all

take a stand so no one has to fall

hold someone’s hand unless they want to be alone

forgive and forget and live today like it is your last

go to church and repent, for we all sin and fall short of the glory of God

remember our heritage and teach your children truths

do not be disillusioned, even if the truth is hard

life is not a choice, unless a murderer gives you a choice, life is life, death is death

Are you a terrorist for backing Obama? With his connections, I bet he is already flagged by homeland security, are you? With him in office, where is America? He wants to destroy us, as they say. It is documented (search YouTube and Google for info.) So you may be embarrassed for supporting him, and swallowing crow is hard, so to avoid it you back up his lies to save yourself embarrassment.

Really, it is okay, people can use all kinds of techniques to disillusion you and make you follow them, like an abductor or a cult leader, you are still innocent, just get out before it is too late. I am really a third-party type person, so it is not like I am trying to insult the dems, I used to be registered democrat and have no regrets, I don't like that people have groups to stereotype people, but I will tell you I am so worried about all you, you look so disillusioned. He is fooling you and laughing about it.

Listen to the truth when it slips out and believe it. stop listening to him speak and read up on all candidates. There are many - even third party candidates, and make a more educated decision for your future.

So many have seen, so many have heard, this could be the last outreach before you vote. take some time, read up on my line and others who speak truth. My blog is so small compared to what's going on, keep searching, God says seek and you will find. TRUTH ROCKS! :0)

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  1. Obama is also planning to mandate volunteer work, even for teens. that sort of takes the serving our of serving...


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