Saturday, February 21, 2009

Glenn Beck - War games and American collapse simulation

(I tried to embed, but it would not work...)

My commentary: I have not been able to hear this yet as my laptop speakers are broken - I have this to say and will be posting something soon... We (most intelligent Americans) KNEW Obama was at least "partially" Muslim, and I use both terms loosely because I do not know enough about his faith to say if he was deeply radical or not, but would you think even if he was sympathetic to Muslims that he would allow them to influence his decisions? There are a portion of them who desire to destroy USA as we knew it, so think McFly! For once, think about this Americans and understand even if he means no ill-will for our country (and I am thinking he may in some way for some reason) those who influence him do. The compromises made by him to maintain his positions in the political system world-wide put OUR very country at risk for deterioration and terrorism. When freedom loving home-grown AMERICANS standing for the basic principles we were founded on are considered TERRORISTS - WAKE UP and smell the terrorists overtaking our country because if they call US terrorists first, then in their minds, they have a free pass to walk all over our rights. AMERICANS have EVERY right to stand for their country and defend her and our freedoms as we have forever. SO - to anyone trying to take that from us, watch out, we have never lost. :0) We accept anyone from anywhere to become a part of us, we help them , we heal them, we pray with them, we live, we love, we disagree, but we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

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