Saturday, March 14, 2009

912 Project - Remember who we really are - Glenn Beck's project - Americans will save America!

As promised, I am including many links for you to get involved. Many sites include calls to action and events. Some are social sites so we can support each other and share ideas, etc. I hope this list helps, I will be adding more soon and feel free to browse through my posts to find action items I have posted in the past. I do not limit my posts to any subject, but I usually use this blog to inform, call to action, etc.
Links to get involved: - use my link on the side of my blog

Comment if you know more you want listed! Unite and restore our America!
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  1. How can you be preaching about 9-12?. When you hate the 9-11 survivors. You made a comment in 2005, That you were tired of them crying all the time and that you had help them enough. We don't need another 9-11 for us Americans to come together, We just need people like you to go away. You don't know what work is, I was picking cotton in Texas by the age of eight years old & I made it. I'am Mexican American & I'll die for my country. "U.S.A." I want to go forward not backwards. "President Obama" is our man. I don't want to go back to racism, but you wouldn't know about that. "GOD HELP US". Joe Ybarra e-mail


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