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Haleigh Cummings - Missing - My letter to her abductor, Police reports, Clues, Theories and more

The situation about Haleigh Cummings has kept me up researching tonight. I know it may never matter, but I wish there was something I could do.
My message to Haleigh's abductor:
If someone has her and would for some off chance read this, please think of how you would feel as a small child being taken from everything you know, regardless of what anyone thinks, to you it is all you love and you are only harming that child by not allowing her safe handing over to a church, hospital, police station, anywhere she can be given a chance to live a life full of hope for a future that now is only in your hands.
Even if you send her off and tell her to walk into a police station and you take off, it would be the right thing. If what you were doing by keeping her was right, you would not feel like hiding it, you would be fine with it being on the front page of the news, so that should tell you - if you can not trust your own judgement - that it is wrong to prevent her return to her friends at school and a community who now is dedicated to her safety and future, so please do not take that from her just to punish her parents or family, it would seem they have issues, but you are only hurting her and preventing her from the community and her school friends from giving her a new chance to live a fulfilling life. 
Please do no harm and think how much all her friends miss her and cry thinking about playing with their friend that has disappeared with no reason and how over-joyed they would be to have her back in class.
The whole community would be so grateful to you if you would graciously return her in a safe fashion. Think of more than the parents, these children do not deserve to be so sad missing their friend. It would be the bravest, noblest and healthiest thing you ever did and it would give you a chance to redeem yourself and make a new resolution for yourself as well. Please go now and take her anywhere safe, have mercy on her and all who love her. Now go, quickly before you get to scared to do the right thing. Thank you.
To everyone trying to make sense of things, here is the info I found and promised to the fellow Greta wire bloggers:
divorce papers

also - police reports

My thoughts below:

Police should urgently request everyone and every business in the area
who has surveillance to review from that day/night and to SAVE it in
case it is needed for anything, whoever has her may have needed fuel,
etc. or fed her or something or she may how up in the video if she
wondered off. Also all surveillance from all medical and ER visits from
the past few months, if they were seeking drugs from the ER, the perp
could have also been there before to ensure their goods were
delivered. They should tell people this ASAP.

If she wondered off, she may have gotten lost and someone kept her or
fell in the water?? Did they scout the water completely?

What about letting children services assure whoever has her that they
will ensure she is in safe and in the best care - maybe someone took
her to protect her (in their mind) and they think if they return her
she will be uncared for, so why return her?? hum... Offer money or
something even to the perp - set up in an undisclosed location if they
drop her off freely... somehow...

Have they followed up on their email and computer history? Do either
of them have online profiles anywhere? Follow up with ALL those
contacts also... just some ideas if anyone there reads this. God Bless
and the family is in our prayers, they are all innocent until proven
guilty, so we have to treat them as such while still considering all

Follow the money, everyone in the situation and extend out from there
a bit, examine their banking and receipts from months back until now
and watch for anyone who may have set it up and "sold" her or traded
for drugs, etc...

Also, pull in ALL medical records for all involved - may show up
domestic issues or drug problems and those reports may state things
that were said, who was there and give more names and info. to
follow-up on.

Also, maybe there was a drug accident in the home where the child
consumed some of them and over-dosed?

Have any ADULTS been missing from work since then?

Every one's phone records scoured

Okay, some clues:

Ron at work until 3am ish
Ron's mother works or worked for the Alachua county Sheriff's office
according to his divorce papers.
Also reports that there were phone calls between Ron and gf in early morning
hours before he returned home
The father has made the statement, that she may have been taken to get back at him for something from his past.
Volunteers found one area of interest in the woods where someone had constructed a makeshift lean-to and furniture out of tree branches. A shovel and length of rope were found at the location; however it remains unclear if any of the items are of relevance. (Taken from

All "passed" lie detector (no one said they showed no sign of deception.)

Drugs are involved with all parents at some point, bio mom claims only
when she was with Ron previously, but that Ron and his gf

Screen door was propped open with a cinder block, dad says that the
reg door is deadbolt locked at all times and he is always checking to
be sure it is and that it has to be pushed in to lock/unlock it a
certain way

Police say everyone is a suspect

Anthony's reached out at first, but I have not seen them there since

A/C repairman was there earlier that day without any oddities reported
to the public thus far, allegedly cleared

Little brother says a black man in black with squeaky shoes took his
sissy in her sleep. When he woke up crystal was there...

Cadaver dogs hit on the dumpster, police allege it was cleared as a
non-related issue

Misty's father lives in the trailer across the street from Ron and her.

Crystal's boyfriend is her step brother. (from Gretawire blog noting
police report, I will look to verify and add links below.)

Haleigh was born 8/16/2003 so she is 5 1/2 years old.

Her father Ronald Cummings was born 10/29/1983 so he is 25 years old
and 19 when she was born.

Her mother Crystal Sheffiled was born 8/30/1989 so she is 19 years old
and 13 years old when she was born. (2 weeks shy of her being 14)

Misty Croslin was born 12/9/1991 so she is 17. She said she has been
going with Ron since June so she was 16 when they got together.

**All below from scaredmonkeys:


Mother of Haleigh is Crystal Diane Sheffield – age 24

Her mother is: Nancy Marie Griffis – age 43 (second marriage to Bruce
A. Griffis in 2002 in Putnum County, Florida)

Her father is: Johnny Marcus Sheffield – age 46 – Satsuma and MacClenny

Siblings are: Sarah Lavon, Marcus, Savannah

Step-father: Bruce A. Griffis – age 46 – Glen St. Mary, Lake City,
Sanderson, Lawstoy

Boyfriend: Chad Griffis – age 29 (may be son of step-father or step-uncle)
Possible relationship: son of Victor Griffis – age 52; Deborah Lynn –
age 48; Jill – age 25

Father of Haleigh is Ronald Cummings – age 25
His father: Jack Cummings
His mother: Theresa Neves
His girlfriend: Misty Croslin – age 17
Misty Croslin
Her father: Hank Thomas Croslin – age 40
Her mother: Lisa Croslin – age 39
Her siblings: Lindsey and Chelsea

Father's occupation: owns T&T Drywall Company – Hank Croslin, Inc.

Father's relatives: Chester Leon – age 44; Adam Troy – age 43; June
Marie - age 63; Timothy A. - age 21; Michael - no age given.
Chad's myspace: (takes awhile to load)
Sarah's myspace:

Marie's myspace: (Crystal's mom)

Crystal (biomom) myspace:  (if this doesn't link just
copy and paste into your browser)

Crystal & Sarah's dad's myspace:

Misty Croslin's myspace

Tommy Croslin's myspace (Misty's Brother) hasn't logged in since 07

DOB Sept 26, 1986
Occupation: Does drywall
Wife: Lindsy-- kids: 3

Lindsy's myspace (Married to Tommy Croslin) last log in 2/12/09 (
kids: 3

Timothy Croslin's myspace (Misty's Brother)

 DOB June 21, 1987
Wife Chelsea(married 2-11-06)
Occupation: Drywall finisher myspace

Chelsea Croslin's
Married to Timothy Croslin
DOB Sep 29 1987
Home town: Cape Cod
Birthplace: Falmouth mass

pic of crystal and chad:

Here is a link to Ronalds and Chrstals divorce papers:

Mother of Ron's other child?

Misty comment:

"Would like to call your attention to this wierdness... taken from the above Who's Who in Haleigh's known family and possible relatives..

This is one of the possible relatives of Haleigh, possibly a maternal cousin:

Sapp, Donald Lee
possibly related in some way to Guy W. Sapp, Raymond Sapp, (which could make Donald related by marriage to Misty Croslin), and possibly related in some way to a Griffis (which could make Donald related by marriage as a maternal cousin to Haleigh Cummings).  From Putnam, at one time lived in the same town as Haleigh's mother, Crystal, in Glenn Saint Mary, FL, has also lived in Mcclenny, FL, where some of Crystal's family is from/living. Donald moved to 315 2nd Ave, Satsuma, (which is 3.6 miles from the Cummings home). Is 315 2nd Ave. the same home as 315 Green Lane????  In doing public records search, 315 2nd Ave. comes up as being owned by and having been the residence of Jeffrey Michael Griffis and Billye Lee (Wager?) Griffis. (see ). Jeffrey M. Griffis, age 29, was hit by a car on 1/7/2009 and died the next day.  Donald Lee Sapp moved into Jeffrey and Billye's home a few weeks later on 1/26/2009.  And a few weeks after that, Haleigh disappeared.
---->  Registered Sex Offender, arrested on 6-12-1997 for lewd/lascivious assault on 14 yr old female, occuring in East Palatka.  At the time he was already serving probation for a prev. charge of l/l assault on 13 yr old female runaway.  In 2000 he was arrested for trying to set up a meeting with a 10 yr old female, on a sting with her father in an internet chatroom.  Billye Lee Griffis had testified in Donald's trial in the 1990's.  A Raymond Sapp contributed to bail in one of Donald's cases, and Donald is mentioned in Raymond obituary in 2005. Donald is/was married and has four children, according to Raymond Sapp's obituary.   


Jeffrey M. Griffis and Billye Lee (Wager?) Griffis were married, filed for divorce back in October.  But they were still living together on 1/5/2009 when Jeffrey and Billye filed for a domestic violence restraining order against Donald Lee Sapp, which was denied. 

TWO DAYS LATER on 1/7/2009, Jeffrey, age 29, was hit by a car and died the next day. 

A few weeks later, Donald Lee Sapp moved into Jeffrey and Billye's home, on 1/26/2009.  Dunno what, if anything, Billye did, if she moved out or what. 

A few weeks after that, Haleigh disappeared. "
***Is this true? ...
A convenience store tape shows Ron making a purchase around 2am...
Ron's gun was found in a ditch near his home...
Misty found the pink t-shirt outside the back door, found just inside the back door in a dirty clothes pile. Laundry area
What if someone who was there earlier (family member, etc.) had propped the door open that evening to return later for a robbery. Both father and gf are apparently drug users and father allegedly dealt drugs. What if Haleigh woke up and was looking for Misty when she encountered the robber and he took her so she couldn't tell?
Does anyone else find if strange that this family once lived in Leesburg Florida. It is in Leesburg that the girl wandered off. Leesburg, is also the home of Trenton Duckett, in fact he was last seen in Leesburg. Of all the towns in Florida, with all the trailer parks in Florida, what is the chance, where two children who both lived in the little town, should come up missing?
Also, since there is a scent trail down to the water do you think maybe that whoever took her had a boat waiting there and that's how they escaped?

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