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Pandora's box - HOH - VETO - and The Twist Julie Chen mentioned on Big Brother 11 - BB11

Here is a brief run down of events over the past couple of days because it has been a bit crazy. I am trying to be diplomatic and not show favor or insult anyone, while still giving you the information. This is for you too Ross, so I hope it helps!
:0) lol

Everyone is buzzing about Kevin winning HOH and Jeff & Michelle being put on the block. I haven't seen any uproar over the HOH competition where Jordan's cup had a hole in it, thus by giving her an obvious disadvantage. Jeff kept questioning her about it and I expected her to be upset about it, but she was just like "I know", in a surprised and nieve way, and they kept talking while Jeff had the look like, "HOW is that okay with you again?"

We have seen Michelle go from manic crying fits alone in the recycled room, elation, then talking to herself for extended periods of time and the infamous yelling out in the night. At the get-go I picked her to win, being as women in science have a huge place in my heart and I hold a lot of respect for them. I started getting concerned for her when she was relaying false stories that she obviously believed herself and then it became clear she was developing her own reality. That may be a strategy for her, who knows, but I can't help but feel nervous for her every time I watch her go emotional full circle in such short amounts of time.

For a long time on the feeds the other day we watched Jeff's paranoia running wild wondering what was going on with the key he found and all the money that was falling from the sky and what they should have done with it, did they do the right thing, etc. Kevin said the DR asked him to pick a negative or positive for the whole house and he picked positive. Well, somehow Kevin was locked into a room off the HOH room, then Jeff found a key, all the while Natalie was following him around and allegedly giving him false information, to which he flips out all day about it and bugs her to tell him what she knows. The key opened Pandora's box outside from what I am understanding and they are getting nervous about the effects of choosing to open it.

(Remember what Julie said, there would be a twist that will affect all the players and the game. Another side note, CBS paid to have a two hour finale this year. That is quite expensive and so there must be something planned to liven up the game as many times as right now, the players are sleeping or laying around and they need some good drama or activity to air.)

Jeff insists Natalie, Kevin and maybe even Jordan know something he doesn't and they are not telling. They all claim or pretend they don't know anything while laughing a little, which further makes him freak out at them while laughing at his own parinoia. I guess the event was money falling from the sky, including some sort of writing on the money and cards that they no longer have and can't remember what the cards and money said. The hundreds were allegedly fake according to the house guests and Jeff said he thinks there was 10 G's total and laughs at how he had money in all his pockets and even his underwear and he will never forget this when he wears those pants now. Jeff is worried that maybe they choose greed by grabbing all the money and now they will suffer. Some agree and some say no, it is what it is. They all talk about how much they got and how they put it in the trash bags and they think they get to keep it, but it is the hands of production right now, who may be counting it. They decide to enjoy it nervously.
Michelle later states production told her it wasn't a trick or something (my memory is getting hazy on that statement), but she was not supposed to tell anyone.

Now for the veto, after the feeds came back on, we were placed in the HOH room with Michelle in full elation and the veto necklace around her neck. She proceeded to ramble vicious false and insulting things to Kevin about Jeff and others, while criticizing others for doing that about her and others and so on. She also defended her alliance with Russell and said Jeff was really playing her and Jordan, as if he had been flirting and hitting on her. She also raved about how smart she was. (Side note - I want to celebrate with Michelle because she was so happy, but then she spoke - to much - again and then the weirdness drowned out the party and the I could see the show being sent to cricket sounds and reflection on Kevin's odd looks.) It was awkward to watch. If you want to hear her going on, check the flashback because I don't want to relay incorrectly what she said, but it was preposterous and sickening and Kevin acted like he was buying it, but I think he is much smarter than that.

So then we see Jeff and Jordan in the splish splash room where Jeff was depressed and frustrated, yet was giving Jordan all kinds of advise and lots of encouragement. It was painful to watch because it is obvious they truly care about each other and to see people who have pure feelings for each other hurt, it is hard to watch them morn together over their loss. Jeff said he did not just lose the veto, he lost the game and when Michelle came in, he gave her a sincere congratulation for winning fair and deserving it. Jordan also did this. Well, Michelle accepted their hugs and congratulations and then when they left the room, she gave a whoopee sign with her hand or something. So, what was that? I can understand how excited she was to win, but to take it to the level of not only happy for herself, but happy for their loss is kinda sick and unnecessary for anything but selfish gratification, so what is Michelle all about? Will we ever know?

Prior to all this, Kevin tried to figure her out. He flat out explained his problem with her was he never knows where her head is at. (This was in the HOH room.) She said she knew and talked with him for a long time, well at the end, Kevin snickered and said, but see you still haven't answered me as to where your head is at. She seemed not to understand him or she thinks she explained herself. Kevin is very frustrated with her and it seems he was even considering taking her out, but that was before she won veto. Within the next few hours after this, she goes from being super elated and chatty, to crying alone in the splish splash room, and talking to herself in the recycle room again. So, will we ever know? What do you think about her highs and lows? Do you know anyone like this? Do you think her reality altering is game play or do you think she really believes the realities she has created? Please be respectful in your comments below, thanks!

Jeff had been drinking beer and later was drinking wine while playing solitaire until like 5am house time, to which when he went to go smoke, out walked Jordan, in quiet support and it was very sweet. They went outside where they shared some quality conversation. Jeff gave Jordan tips to win and vowed to rally support for her int he jury house. He was a little slurred on the Chicago accent while talking to Jordan. He said that he was worried that he would mess up and play ahead of himself and that's just what he did. He said that was his downfall. He then said he wouldn't have changed a thing about how he played the game though, that he made moves he had to in order to play the game to win and he did what he thought he had to do (or something to that effect) to win.

Now, here is my theory on the way the game may play out as a whole. First I am basing this on several factors, one being the obvious, that Julie has announced a twist that could change the game for everyone in the house. Also, the game assimilates chess and that is one reason there is always a chess board in the house. CBS ultimatly wants ratings, so spicing it up and contraversy only help. The pandora's box event with falling money and Kevin in lock up make it obvious there is someting bigger going on. I have a link to the story of Pandora's box at the end of my blog post for you (and some other helpful links). :0) Upon chancing to reopen the box (Which Jeff should try to do to the veto box or if the other one from the yard is around - then that one - something!!!) HOPE WAS FOUND! So if the box is re-opened, then hope would be found. OH, how interesting, I think the key is really hope for someone if they use it right. But see, who knows what really happened in the yard, maybe the money falling was the result of the key use...

Either way, the key Jeff found has to be something. Don't you think?

Well, I do because the money fell (according to the house guests) before the key was used, so it made little difference in the event, however, until I see the entire event, I can only speculate. I think the key is a secret weapon or tool. I think it could be several things, either the actual key to the BB house, so whoever got it, when they were evicted, they could turn around and unlock the door and go back in, or if they won BB, they could come back next season with the key and use it then.

Another theory is that it goes to the veto box and after the veto ceremony, the key holder may open the box, thus by granting them the veto to use as they wish. It could even be both, depending on what the person chooses to use it for. Say they chose to use it for the veto, then it would be "spent", so they could not use it for the BB door.

Someone reminded me of the diamond veto, that was interesting,  and remember Dan and his veto's we watched him make last year? That was fun! Another thing could be the key could lock house guests into a room or something, lol. When the nomination ceremony occurs, everyone not nominated gets their keys, maybe it is a super-key, so the person can avoid being nominated.

What do you think about the key? Do you think the key has any other significance?

As for the chess game analogy, what role do you think each house guest has been cast, or has been shown to portray, for each chess piece? What about for past seasons? Do you think the King always wins?

It would seem, the king and queen run the house, and this is not gender specific either, but more of an observation. This has been Natalie's strategy the entire game, she has assumed the role of Queen for every HOH winner and/or dominant male.

What personality traits do you think most affect the ability to be King or Queen of the house?

What do you think about the deliberate casting of specific types of people, even considering normal jobs can not discriminate against these things, and these are the things that get people cast for, such as what gender you are, social status, marital status, health, job and work history, Hollywood connections, appearance, and so on?

Pandora's box story someone on my twitter (click to follow me) shared with me:

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  1. Thank you SO much for the updates!!!

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  4. Everyone's cup had a hole in it!

  5. Thanks! I didn't know everyone's cup had a hole in it. :0)

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