Sunday, November 1, 2009

Support Nick Clarke Republican Candidate for Marion City Council, 4th Ward


Nick Clarke

Republican Candidate for Marion City Council, 4th Ward

Leadership, Honesty, Honor, Integrity, Determination

I have personally spoken with Nick Clarke, who took over an hour out of his very busy campaign schedule to go over his views and listen to my concerns with great interest. At the beginning of the phone call, I expected the same script, "Hi, I am running for (insert office here) and I want your vote" however, this call was very different.

Nick Clarke listened to my questions and concerns and explained how he has a desire to stand up for what is right in our community and how he has been volunteering for our community for years. He has been participating in local government and volunteering in our neighborhood, having a positive impact on improving the quality of life and making us safer. After our discussion, I knew he was serious about taking a stand and taking action to better our neighborhood. Thank you Nick Clarke for taking the time to talk to me.

I would HIGHLY recommend you vote for him.

Nick is the founder of the Bellefontaine Avenue Neighborhood Association and your voice for our community. Nick Clarke is dedicated to making a difference, not just warming the bench and this is evident by his current involvement in our community. He is consistently making a stand at council as he gives a voice to our neighborhood.

We need people in office, in all offices, who will do more than benefit from the title, but who will use their platform to speak out, improve our community, stand for what is right and not be bought out by special interests. It is for that reason that I support Nick Clarke for City Council, 4th Ward!

I am also endorsing the following candidates:

· Paula Clarke, treasurer
· Jason Schaber, council at large
· Ryan Schertzer, council at large
· Nick Clarke, 4th Ward

From the Nick Clarke website:

Mission Statement:

As a City Council member, I will bring your voice, your thoughts and your needs to our electic officials.

As the co-founder of The Bellefontaine Area Neighborhood Association, I have already dedicated two years to this very task.

The Association serves several purposes, but most importantly, it is a voice that carries the Members' needs to the City on behalf of the Members.

My mission is to continue that same effort, but in an official capacity and for all of the residences of Ward 4.
The goals will not change, only the title.
Take of few moments and visit the web site of the Association. All of the members have worked hard to better our neighborhood.
The Bellefontaine Area Neighborhood Association

Concerned over unaddressed issues in our neighborhood, Paula Clarke and I requested appointments to meet with the department heads of City Government to voice our concerns. We met with each department head individually; The Law Director, the City Engineer, the Police Chief, and then Councilmen Schertzer.

Each rearranged their schedule to meet with us after regular work hours to accommodate our available times.

The question poised to each one was same, "How can we help our neighborhood as citizens?" The answer was the same from each, form a neighborhood group and work with the members toward a safer, more connected neighborhood.

I am now prepared to take that same effort to the next step. And that is to represent my Ward, my neighborhood, in an official capacity as a City Council Member. But to do that, I need your support. It is critical. Together we can present our needs to the City more effectively.

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