Sunday, January 10, 2010

Town Hall Meetings gone wild! America cursing the next three generations, the Acts church, Giving things away, and how YOU can make a difference NOW! Please read this all and post your ideas in the comments section and share this with your friends!

It really is sick how in the last video I posted, the audience kept yelling "sit down!" to the man who STOOD up for something at the town hall! It is like they are all sitting with lottery tickets waiting for the numbers to be called, or bingo, or waiting for their bail out, and if they don't get their way, they die or at least they oppress any intelligent statements in fear they won't get their hand-out. Who pays for it? We all do, our children do, but it is easier to turn a blind eye to someone else's tragedy as long as our selfish desires are being met, or we are being given health care. While our children and grand children are paying the bill on top of trying to live their own life. Could you pay it on top of your obligations now? If you could, then why borrow from your grandchildren? It is very selfish. We should all be paying it now, and relieving the stress and anguish from another generation. We should make this country a better and safer place for them, not a worse one. How green is that? Let's make America like we were never here and take our debt with us. No, they would rather "save the earth from warming" than save our children and grandchildren from forced labor half their lives to cover our errors, wars, and evil temptations we fell for. They should refuse to pay for our foolishness. We are invoking a curse on them.
Anyway, if we all help each other, people won't have a need to beg the government to meet their basic needs because they would already be met. This selfish nature of Americans who have the ability to give and do not, brings us to this point where we have so many in need. There are tons of empty houses and yet we have so many homeless, there are so many items thrown away, and could be used by someone, there are people with car lots of unused vehicles and people unable to attend school or go to work due to them not having transportation. We have gifts and talents also. If you used your talents and gifts to help meet someones need, they would not be in a predicament of not having the roof fixed or the car fixed or whatever unless the state helped them. If you are ever in that spot, you may soon realize no matter how strongly you feel against the state assistance, it is easier to get help and be able to feed your family and keep a roof over their heads than to just not accept the state's help.
So I have been trying to reach out to people and I really hope we all do. I will tell you I listened to many "Patriot's speeches" in 2009 and heard all their arguments against state assistance and it was obvious they looked down upon those who received any state help. All I can say was they all had jobs or received money and donations from us. Even though many of "us" were unemployed. They happily took our donations and lived off of the generosity of others, but disrespected those on state assistance. I know first hand, it would be more welcome if I had a ton of donors from my site who just dumped donations upon me, but that is not the case. I receive nothing for my site. Nothing. I really struggled with the guys on the podium taking this stance on things, when it was obvious they have not lived in this kind of predicament, so I emailed them. I asked them what their answer was to those who also are against state assistance, but who have no other choice due to disability, inability or lack of available work. I asked if their freedom movement (I won't embarrass them by naming the organization) had a charity or assistance to help people or an alternative solution to this problem. I received nothing in response, but they never hesitated emailing me daily asking me to send them money. It really bothered me. I was reminded of the Acts church as I prayed and searched online for some spiritual guidance and realized that was the real problem. We were not living like the Acts church. The church in Acts had apostles who helped divy out the donations and even helped to ensure those in need were given the things those who had excess donated. They traveled around (Paul was an awesome apostle), and went church to church and town to town, sharing the stuff. People even donated extra houses they acquired, land, anything. We are to do this. God has requested we live this way. I think at this point in America, we are seeing the results of what happens when you don't. We have been consumerized and engineered to buy and throw away and buy again. Any corporation loves to sell consumables because that means the customer will have to throw it out and buy it again. It is very profitable for the company as long as they market it right. We have lost sense of making use of anything for very long because Corporate America wants us buying again, so they make it un-cool to be "out of style", so you have to buy the latest - whatever - they are selling. Bigger, faster, more, and soon you are out of resources or are in debt. Then they own you. You struggle to make ends meet and find you are working just to pay off your debt and make rent.
If we live like the Acts church, we really gain a lot, freedom, appreciation, respect for one another, love, compassion, friends, fellowship, and we are living in God's will so he will bless us. Our Nation has a lot of atonement to do anyway, we have to repent to heal our land. We have been over that here and elsewhere now for quite awhile. The only way we can save this country is to repent and make things right here. This is God's Country. We are blessed to live here. Let's share with our neighbor and love them as we want to be loved. What a wonderful Country to live in when we live right. It isn't all our leaders who are at fault. To fix this country, it starts in our own homes. Think of things and excess you have. Pray for God to show you where to give it or who to give it to.
The more we attack this problem in America with love and generosity, the less that will be taken from us! :0) Think about it, take care - chrome
Do you have anything to share? Please post any ideas etc. in the comments section below and share this on your social sites! THANKS!

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