Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wish Upon a Hero - I wish for Help with utilities, rent, and/or Christmas for the kids :0)

Wish Upon a Hero - I wish Help with utilities, rent, and/or Christmas for the kids :0): "I WISH Help with utilities, rent, and/or Christmas for the kids :0)
We need help paying utilities & rent. The water & gas shut off is Dec. 20th. The water co. always shuts us off & it's $65 to reconnect.

We have 4 beautiful children. Before my cancer diagnosis 5 yrs. ago I was an IT specialist with an IT degree. I completed my BA during cancer treatment, that also saved my son's life! I'm now disabled.

My husband worked in a factory(closed down) & briefly at another one. With a large back rod, narcolepsy diagnosis, depression & the economy, it's been even harder to work. He reached out to work through a program @ human services who say they may NOT pay him AT ALL due to me struggling to gather verifications timely. He finally felt like he was contributing, now to find out all his work may be for nothing has crushed him.

We hope to start a business, accommodating for disabilities, highlighting our abilities & using my degrees & creativity for something to pass along to our children.

For Christmas my son(16) told the family give his gifts to his sis & bros so they have a special Christmas. My 11 yr old just wanted his comp. repaired. I wish I could do more for them, but I have been so depressed, I don't even have our tree up.

(The USA forgotten who hurt & don't know how to reach out or are to sad to try, breaks my heart. I wish I could help.)

I'd be willing to do tech work remotely for you, my husband repairs electronics & video games, I crochet blankets, hot pads & would love to make you something. I will blog my crafts & items we have @ the link below. I only wish for my children to have a safe, warm, loving life.

Please pray for us. God provides & I have faith he will get us somewhere from here.
Thanks & bless you!

Aprox amts. to keep on:
Gas $300
Water $200
City bill $500
Elec is current
Gas & elec. have thousands past due
Rent $1700
Phone's shut off, maybe $200 ?
*Christmas Wishes from the kids on our Wal-mart wish list link
ANY help would be more than appreciated!

My Walmart Wishlist

donate at link on the side of this blog! :0) Thank you all!

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