Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best Passages From "The Income Tax, Root of All Evil", 1954

best passages from "The Income Tax, Root of All Evil", 1954: "At the present time there is no economic group sufficiently disturbed about income taxation to start doing something about it... For instance, the banking

fraternity is not overly disturbed by high income taxation; because of these revenues, the government can guarantee

the mortgages the banks hold on overvalued veterans' homes and other housing projects; these guarantees might not be worth much if the

Sixteenth Amendment were repealed.3 The industrialists who revel in a backlog of government orders likewise see no reason for repeal. Nor can

the farmers work up any interest in the matter since it is out of income-tax revenues that they get 'parity' support as well as checks for not

producing. College professors whose salaries depend on government subsidies, veterans whose incomes are augmented by gratuities from the

federal treasury, dentists who pull teeth at government expense, tenants whose rent is more or less paid by the government, two and a half million

who are on the public payroll—probably half the population of America are wholly or in part dependent on income taxes for their livelihood, have

made a comfortable adjustment with it, and though they grumble about the part they have to pay, would not like to have their adjustment disturbed.

Among these beneficiaries of the income tax are the"

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