Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party - Sign Ideas and PJTV Reporting

Sign ideas:
End the Fed - change you took from us - represent or  find another job! - no pay for politicians until we are free, repeal the patriot act  -  stop taking from us, we will keep our guns, our money and our freedom, then you can keep your job, take from us and you are gone! - Voting out any politician who violates the constitution! - Job openings in congress soon! - Stop trampling the constitution and our freedoms! - Politicians, turn or burn, change your ways or you will be replaced! - We don't need a leader with his nose in the air, his hand in our packet and oppression over our heads! - TEA, Taxed enough already!

more ideas here:

I hope that helps! LOL :0)

This is going to be an excellent event!

Fox and friends said homeland security will be watching and stuff, so maybe we could all wear our "I am not an Agent of the state or with homeland security" on a 3x5 card and tape it to our shirts - LOL, wait a minute, that might not be a bad idea...then we will know who the trolls are!

I will also be reporting for PJTV from Columbus, Ohio:

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