Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Casey Anthony Death Penalty

They are seeking the death penalty for Casey Anthony.

This horrific crime has exposed once again the ability of a mother to snap. Regardless of her guilt, Casey Anthony has led most of society to presume her guilty. This sickening crime sheds light on a topic I think should be exposed to better our community.

Emotional and psychological well-being are THE VITAL components necessary to ensure a cohesive society, family and community. Mothers with brain disorders, differences, or diagnosis that have gone unnoticed, under-treated or disregarded may pose a dire threat to our community.

Sociopathic mothers are often under-restricted in custody cases, undisciplined and under-disciplined by the family and criminal courts and under-treated, if diagnosed at all.

Is this due to the stereotypical tendency of a sociopath being a male? Since woman's hormones do not allow the disguise of emotions as well as men, some red flags may go dismissed. This may be due to sociopath depiction in movies as male, or the psychological tendencies of men compared to women, the societal expectations of each gender, and personal perceptions of such expectations. Either way, now is the time to notice the red flags and make appropriate referrals.

If it is decided to remove a child from the mother and the mother has a diagnosis, their medical card or other insurance may end, thus by leaving them unable to receive treatment and making them a danger to society. Leaving the child in their care, poses a desperate situation for the child if the mother is not treated. Either way, a mother's psychological state should not be taken lightly, but not used against them if they are willingly undergoing successful treatment.

In court cases, if red flags are seen, the court should be able to mandate therapy for women exhibiting sociopathic tendencies so they do not fall through the cracks of the system.

You should also be able to protect yourself from someone like this, if you choose to, by getting a protection order simply based on this diagnosis. If you have noticed this tendency in a person, you are probably close enough to them to be in danger.

If you are seeking help for yourself or someone you know who is exhibiting signs of this or any psychosis, please find help with a local doctor, therapist or psychiatrist. Marion has a wonderful resource in the Marion Area Counseling Center and many other resources. Please reach out and help yourself first.

Healing is the first step to growing a healthy tomorrow! Also seek support through NAMI at their website - http://www.nami.org/ or locally you can contact the ADAMH board - NAMI at

NAMI of Marion and Crawford County
Location: Marion, OH
Phone: (740) 389-3585

Wishing you a healthy day!

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