Saturday, June 6, 2009

Patriot Rant - :0) Because sometimes you just gotta!

In response to Infor Wars video here:

Exactly - ECO-Fraud!
That is exactly what they are all doing, they - being anyone using a false psychological guilt trip to gain financially while using the money from their tricks to fly fuel guzzling planes across America, while we are wearing recycled clothes, holes in our hand-me-down shoes - driving 10 people to work in a clown car that would crumple like an Accordion if hit, on tires made of abc bubble gum... eating food sprayed with their chemical waste! ...
ALL THAT and yet -
We are STILL so way more awesome than them! WE ROCK! Patriots are so way hotter (in every way!) than any other man or woman out there!
HA! and we are funner and we are smarter, and we have more internet... yup - we have more internet! If they want to deny it - well prove it! Oh, and we have more creative writing skill - yup! that's right, we have skill! HA!
So - patriots, raise a fun safe drink to all our Internets belong to us and to our creative gorgeous skill! ;0) muah!

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