Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ron Paul Vs. Bernake - Is your representative supporting or co-sponsoring HR-1207 - and a funny story for you...

HR 1207 Fax Bomb - Downloadable PDF's to fax or mail to congress and senators who are not yet confirmed supporters of this bill!


Find out whether your representatives in Congress & the Senate are cosponsoring the bill. We're up to 44 cosponsors in the House - I don't believe there are any in the Senate. Only fax them if they're not a cosponsor yet!

If you don't have a fax machine, you can send at least 2 faxes for free per day with And even though this is a fax bomb, you are free to email and call as well! I also recommend following up by sending your letter & flier via snailmail to all of your representatives.

We have a right to know where our money goes and who is playing with it!
posted by chrome - July 13th 2009 right here! :0)

Monopoly - He wants to own it all - A story of temptation and greed - One boys quest for domination and how he failed

As a child Bernanke's friends always won when they played monopoly together, so to fulfill his deepest desires to defeat them and hopefully gain some prestige and increase his rank in the group, Benny boy decided to take matters into his own hands. Tired of the shame, induced by his low pecking order status, he stayed up late one night photo-shopping his way to a guaranteed win.
It all began by printing 20's. "Only a few extra dollars to give me an extra edge won't hurt", he thought... until by around 2am, eyes glazed from the CRT screen mesmerizing his monetary fantasies, that he deepened his delusional desires even further. Sweat beading up on his palms, he feverishly perfected all denominations. With delight and arousal, he hit print. And print he did. Printing to his hearts content, his fantasies came true. He could own it all and never lose again to the buddies who mocked his intellect. He desperately wanted their acceptance and desired their admiration. The next time they met up to play, Ronnie called banker. After a few rounds, Benny seemed to rake in an awful lot of money, considering he frequented the"just visiting" section of the board most rolls. Ronnie tried to call him out, noting that something was awful fishy. Ronnie said there seemed to be to much money, noting the rule book shows the exact count issued per denomination and it might be wise to count it all out in full fairness to all the players. That's when Benny wet his pants and ran home... to be continued lol

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