Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tea Party Patriots - Headed to the streets tomorrow! Will you be there?

Tea Party Patriots: "Cap & Trade ACTION ALERT
Press Contacts
Marching orders for all concerned Americans.

The US House of Representatives stealthily passed Cap & Trade just after 7pm eastern on Friday June 24th. They are counting on us not doing anything because it is a weekend and typical vacation week.

They have underestimated Tea Party Patriots, we will not go away quietly into the night.

OBJECTIVE: The 8 Republicans who voted FOR HR 2454 have 5 days to change their votes. We need for individuals from (CA, DW, IL, NJ, WA NY) to mobile enormous numbers of grassroot Patriots to barrage them for the next 5 days. We must get them to change their votes, and the clock is ticking.

Here is what we are asking you to do.

We are asking everyone to rally at their county courthouse, federal courthouse or capitol building tomorrow, Saturday June 25th.

Sign suggestions:
Where is our voice?
Where is our choice?
NO to Cap & Trade
No to Crap & Tax
Email your base right now! Tell them to meet you.
Take videos and photos and share on the Tea Party Patriots Social Network."

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