Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Merry Christmas Present from Obama that will really make you sick!

Hello everyone!
While you are adjusting to the new health care bill that was crammed down your throat on Christmas eve, enjoy the diversion of the government tracking santa here: Obama is either trying to steal the limelight from Christmas/Jesus birthday by being the hero for those supporting his plan, or he is trying to snake-ily slither in his destruction of our free country while we all are distracted by this joyous time of year. I would respect him more if he would stand up for what he believed in without having to do his business in the closet while no one is watching like he knows it is bad. If he would be working for the people in the "light of day", with honerable practices allowing everyone a voice, instead of hiding what he is up to, I would respect him more. This feels wrong to America and that said, he is making us sick and no bill is going to heal us.
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