Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SNOW - ICE - and the Wipers! What a snow storm!

I had a pin pad/register set-up at GFS to install yesterday (hour and a half drive

away). Not a bad job, except the drive home about killed me! The snow started dumping

down to the point my heater was not warming my windshield enough and my wiper wouldn't

clear the snow entirely, (then the wiper ended up broke ten miles from home) I was

struggling, I pulled over about three times on the way home, just to melt the

windshield and wiper enough to be able to see. My neuropathy and pain were intensified

from the freezing and I was not able to heat the floor, as I had to use it all on the

window, so my swollen feet were throbbing. The roads were not plowed yet and I had

trouble discerning road and field, as 309 is winding from there to here. I ended up off

the road a bit (and I grew up in the country, well aware of winter driving techniques

and safety and I love winter driving.) but still there was just zero visibility and my

crap wipers didn't help! So, driving half off the road and unable to get back on the

road, I thought I was going to end up stuck, frozen tipped in the ditch. I was happy

and lucky enough to realize there was a cross road up ahead and I kept driving at a

good pace, still half off the road because the tires would not grip up over the

shoulder, and turning into the road until the cross road allowed me to get a grip on

it, and I got back up on the road, thank God! Swerved around a little but eventually

straightened out and got rolling at a really fast 12 miles per hour. If I went over 20

I would lose all visibility and get covered in snow. I just kept praying "God let that

be Marion up ahead." because I had no idea how long I had been on that road and there

were no landmarks I could make out, or see. Finally I came up on the railroad tracks,

the tracks I usually hate, they make us late, the noise is obnoxious and they usually

aggravate me, but not today. Those obnoxious tracks were like a beacon of hope and

reassurance I might just make it home. "Thank GOD!" I knew at that point I was getting

close enough that other people would at least be around if I did have to pull over.

Soon enough, I made it up to the gas station, where I pulled in to clean off the

windshield. In doing so, I realized, as the wiper came off in my hand while cleaning

it, that my wipers were broken and only hanging on by the pressure of the wiper arm

itself. UGH! I cleaned them off and let the heat warm the window up (the battle of the

wind chill freezing the snow/ice vs. my heat was tormenting me.) and when it was good

enough, I headed home very happily and feeling very blessed and "watched over". Wow,

what a drive! So, I was really happy to be home last night! I was shaking so much when

I got home. I ended up sleeping all day today, probably de-stressing! It is really

beautiful out there though, the snow is gorgeous! If you have employees who have to

drive in this, please make sure they have good wipers at least, or keep them home! :0)

I really need new wipers!

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