Monday, December 7, 2009

Shared Hope International Petition to end Sexual Slavery in America

Shared Hope International > Get Involved > Donate: "Together we are powerful… Add your voice!

Here in America, children are victims of sexual slavery. At an average age of 12-14, girls are lured by traffickers and exploited in prostitution, stripping and pornography. These girls are held in emotional and physical bondage… their traffickers/pimps tell them “I know where I got you, and I can get you again. You have no place to run”. Outrageously, this is true. There is a severe shortage of protective shelters in the U.S., appropriate for this special population of victims. When they are found by police the girls are often arrested for prostitution and held in juvenile detention centers like criminals. In addition, the men who buy sex from these children go largely unpunished. In assessments of 10 U.S. locations, Shared Hope International identified that very few “buyers” are arrested. We need your help to fight this injustice."

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