Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cancer Screening Day Update - Today is done, more tests on the way!

Well, today is done. :0) I have the most wonderful doctor, she took
all the time necessary to cover any of my questions. I have some
issues that require follow up and will have more tests done in May. I
have about a week to wait on test results to get back to have a final
all-clear, but at that point if the results are clear, I will have
graduated to the next level of checkups - from the "every six months",
to the "once a year" kind. That is great, it means you are that much
farther away from cancer, but also you are that much farther away from
your medical teams. I will still be going to my many specialists in
the mean time, so that is somewhat reassuring. I have lost some
weight! Yippie... and am doing everything I am supposed to be! :0) So
I guess I should get some gold stars somewhere, lol I enjoyed the
company of family on my trip, sometimes I like to go alone, but not
usually. I actually had fun twittering the day, it made me feel like
you all were with me and I liked that today. I hope I helped some
newbies see what it can be like. All the stress and anxiety before the
appointment, melted away quickly after getting it over and then
allowing myself the entire rest of the day to do whatever I want. I
only had a small crying fit while talking to the doctor, and she was
really supportive about it and made me feel better. Then we discussed
my hormones, lol - ya, I am now post-menopausal from the effects of
chemo and radiation. They had hoped to prevent that by keeping my
ovaries when they did my radical hysterectomy plus some - lol - but
evidently the radiation and chemo were to strong for them to tough it
out and I am now looking at estrogen therapy. She will be talkign to
my main oncologist before they decide, but now I have to do some
googling on all this...

Now I am laying in bed relaxing and vegging out on the computer while
dinner will be brought up to me. :0) This is my reward for facing my
fears today and I am really enjoying the peace and quiet. I do have
some stress and anxiety over the test results and upcoming ultrasound,
but to know that at least visually today there were NO signs of that
ugly C word we all HATE - that brought me JOY! I hope you all have a
wonderful weekend and make a relaxing day for yourself too! I will
update everything as I know more! Thank you all for caring so much. It
helps more than you know.

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