Saturday, April 3, 2010

My response to YouTube ending the "video share on your blog" feature

REMOVE our tools from our account tool box! WHO cares if YOU think WE
the LITTLE People DO not use it in the way you thought we would or
should, or whatever your reason, but you should be embarassed that
your huge company can not handle leaving a small tool that actually
gives us some use - in our tool box!! YOU have to be kidding me?! You
are becoming a conglomerate joke anymore, like junk food. Sure people
might eat you, but no one loves you and people usually bad mouth you.
Soon enough they realize it is healthier to live without you. It would
be wiser to leave the site for the users, not to feed the users,
because we don't need fed your ads. Actually, I make it a point to
NEVER BUY from anyone who interrupts my YT experience. You can be big,
and lovable, but you are going about it all wrong, and may end up in a
nasty divorce. Many people are irritated with YT as it is, it won't
take much more to convert people far away from you if you don't
respect your users. You are making money off of our work anyway, so
every non-partner page with ads is theft on your part, as you steal
their work and audience to force feed ads to their viewers, to make
money to feed your face. If you don't want something to be "FREE",
don't "SELL" it as FREE, when it really isn't. It comes with many

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