Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Cancer Screening - (follow along today on twitter - chromedaffodils ) - The Appointments I Wish Never Had to Go to Again!

Alright, I am down to one hour to go before I get picked up for my
cancer screening. I have inadvertently put this off a couple of months
to long, only to get the friendly reminder call from one of my
specialists who informed me I have gone beyond the acceptable time
frame for them receiving updates from the primary oncologist and I had
to update them on when my appointment was.

Seriously?! I had completely forgotten and I am sure it was
psychological, especially due to the fact I have been having twitching
and spasms in the area where the cancer spread like a bad weed to my
lymph nodes and they found this during surgery, which extended it and
caused me to have to be under a lot longer than expected. I could go
on about the surgery and will later if you want me to, however I
wanted to jot this little blog down because I am probably not alone
and I want others to know they are not alone. I hate these
appointments and I wish I never had to go again.

It is like you graduate from daily care, in my case, I had home health
care, and constant screenings, chemo, radiation, you don't have to be
worried because if you take a breath wrong, your team of wonderful
experts (I really had a wonderful team from the James Cancer hospital)
would be documenting it and evaluating you. I appreciated their
expertise and exceptional care of me and my family. Now fast forward
to today, sometimes I feel incredibly forgotten because I am not under
such scrutiny for my condition. It is a double-edge sword. I hated all
the appointments and yet liked knowing the results because then it was
known, it was "solved". In-between, well you are always in limbo, was
that pain cancer coming back? Is the twitching it growing and
over-taking that area? How will I know if it is back or not? These
questions haunt me at times.

I am lucky enough to only have to go every six months or so, because
there was a time where it was every other week and so on. So, here I
am hesitating leaving. I was supposed to leave an hour ago to have
lunch with mom before we got there. I just can't seem to move. We
rescheduled lunch, which also gave me time to write you this. :0)

It is a pretty day though...
Wish I didn't have to go........

Anyone else out there have a cancer story they want to share? Take care!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences, you many not realize it but sharing you stories with others is a way to give them strength during their cancer treatment(s). Continue to be brave and strong!


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