Monday, January 19, 2009

No Bailouts! If your gunna spew money, spew in this....

This was sent to some honest and patriotic news affiliates who I hope make a difference and email me back. If they do, I will update you here!






I really hope you read this because this kept me up all night and I prayed about it and I felt I should email my idea to you. I know the government WANTS to send money to the people to spend, but because they cannot be sure we will spend it, they are avoiding that and dumping it into the pit of corporate fire, as an offering.


I would like to offer a suggestion, in the hopes you can tell the right person who can maybe do something to help our great country.


On one hand it allows AMERICANS to choose what businesses succeed. It also supports small business. It also sends money to the people and not big companies. This also will delay payment from the government, but reap instant gratification.


Instead of giving us money, set up a web-based system that allows citizens to register and select $1700 in gift cards from local small businesses who have signed up for the program. They could choose what business and what dollar amount they wish to use for each business, until their "cart" totaled the $1700 (or whatever amount specified.) Then these cards may be printed right from the computer or mailed to you. After you spend the cards, the local business can enter them in online or mail them in etc. to them have the government redeem them to the local business.


Those without internet can mail in their request.


The cards would expire in three months. The business would have three months after receipt to turn them into the government for payment.


If you owe child support, all your cards go to your children.


This will help local tax revenues also. Getting money into the local economy is an essential in healing our broken economy.


Please comment to let me know if you read this.

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