Friday, June 25, 2010

China - Out maneuvering the world economic collapse, outsmarting the US, and you help back it! (Just buy an iPhone)

Hyperinflation, coming soon! Brought to you, by YOU!

Peter Schiff was a guest on Fast Money:

Schiff speaks of American inflation because of the Chinese Yuan currency appreciation. China is a production economy, not an export economy. A production economy is something America used to have.

China speaks of NOT financing out deficit. Then who will finance our deficit? We are in real trouble if we do not shape up financially ASAP!
We could be looking at hyperinflation soon if we do not correct the financial woes, or once the dollar starts to reflect its true value, we will feel the pain via hyperinflation.

The iPhone is actually assembled in China, so consider the way we have shifted the economic scales in their favor with the new iPhone craze. I am not saying I would not buy one, I am saying we need to push our corporations to invest in "American made". We are financing our collapse by shifting our money elsewhere, while China makes money on our debt. It is like a credit card company.

Another consideration for China's currency valuation could be due to the agreements being made with Russia over mineral and oil in Siberia. This is a HUGE deal and there are allegedly massive amounts of the stuff. On a side note, BP was NOT one of the many oil companies in on this deal, which was done up well before the accident. I have a post I have been working on that I will post soon with many links for you about the issues like this going on in China.

From: June 25th, 2010:

"iPhone 4 is designed in California, made by Korea and Taiwan, and assembled in China"

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