Monday, June 21, 2010

$ ~ Swagbucks.- Another way to earn prizes and money while online doing what you already are doing!

Swagbucks is a search engine, rewarding you for using it, as opposed to other search engines that make money from advertisers and while you do all the "work", they rake in the cash to throw ads in your face, bog down your web surfing, and frankly irritate the crap out of most people. Well, if you join swagbucks, at least you are rewarded for using their search engine. They recently reduced the amount you are rewarded, by using larger denomination rewards so we think we are getting more, but in all reality it seems to be more a way to incrementally award us in fractional amounts. Still it is a fun and eady way to earn free stuff, and I highly recommend it. By joinging with my link, I am awarded a smaller fraction of points, but it does NOT affect your earnings. Actually last I checked you get a bonus of a few swagbucks for using my link. I would hate for you to become aware of the program, then not use my link, and then I would miss out on all the points I am trying to earn by posting this. So please be sure to use my link only and leave a comment if you need help, or if you do sign up so I can keep 'em honest.
(Just click any of the above text, I made it a huge clickable link for you so it is very easy!)

So far I have won several Amazon gift cards. It doesn't take long to accumulate enough to order a free prize. And - it is fun for the whole family! :0) Have fun surfing! Tell me what you win! If you sign up with my link, leave a comment and after I verify it, I will pick someone to win something! Hum... any ideas? Maybe one of my handmade polymer crafts or keycharms. Bye!

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