Friday, June 25, 2010

Fire Reported At Foxconn » M.I.C Gadget

The incident occurred May 30th 2010, the factory where the iPhone is made in China has had a rash of suicides and then this fire. I found out about it while researching on the article I posted a little bit ago. I hadn't heard about this and then I saw the China govt. was blocking the info. from being reported on. I still am not sure why so many are killing themselves, but one recent death was a worker who expressed his depression and fatigue over the work environment and so on, allegedly. I am still looking into everything, feel free to post any links you may find, there are more articles on the site I am posting here where I learned of this tragedy. Pray for the families to be comforted.

Fire Reported At Foxconn » M.I.C Gadget: "According to Hong Kong media report, the fire broke out at one of the main computer assembly plant, which produces Apple computer, mobile phones, manufacture of industrial robots, and mold for electronic products. The cause of the fire is unknown, and it was extinguished in half an hour with the help of heavy rain at the time. When other workers noticed about the incident, they were worried they can’t escape in time, because most of the windows have protecting fence now to prevent suicide jumps.

The fire broke out news has not been reported by any Chinese media. They were requested by the government and authorities to stay low profile on Foxconn’s news. Only several micro-blogs have postings on this. In the meantime, only press from Hong Kong and Taiwan are waiting outside the factory, to wait for the latest news.

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