Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Twitter overloaded again today!

So - What is going on in twitter-land today that is overloading the system?

Twitter has been experiencing another day of high volume, forcing the "over capacity" whale error message to users.

Trends when I was able to get in were:

With the world experiencing so many tweetable events, I guess the electronic singing birdies just can't keep chirping.

Also, twitter has been discussing new rules with their API's and automated tweeting, could this have something to do with it? Maybe some code changes, or behavior changes have has unexpected results.

Twitter also is going to be using its own link shortening tool this summer, which you can read about here:

Either way, life in 140 characters has been paused as we know it... for what seems like forever in electronic time, but I am sure we will all be back tweeting shortly!

There are some interesting things here on my blog to do while you wait! lol Have a wonderful day! <3 @chromedaffodils


  1. Twitter says a network error caused the outage.

    Happy tweeting!

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