Monday, March 28, 2011

From our radiation sampling team in Japan | Greenpeace USA

From our radiation sampling team in Japan | Greenpeace USA: "One woman heard we were from Greenpeace and approached asking if we had any information about how safe Fukushima city was. She said she did not trust the information from the authorities. We had not done our own mesurements yet, and I wasn't able to give her any definite information, but it was very clear she was scared. It's not the Japanese way to be angry, everyone is quite calm, almost passive: but they are afraid.

As we found out today, the radiation levels are high in Fukushima city -- our measurements confirmed levels that have been reported in newspapers and by the government -- in some places so high that you would get your 'maximum annual dose' (if you believe in such things) in about 8 days. It's a bit strange to see people biking and going about their business.

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