Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japan News Conference live updates

Chief Secretary news conference:
I am blogging what I hear from the live Japan news and will follow up in the comments section so follow up there also for more updates. I am trying to type as I listen, so bare with me, lol I am not the fastest typist! Take care!

Radiation monitoring is varying depending on wind and weather condition, will evaluate downstream of plant.
If you live downstream from the plant, you are advised to stay inside and follow precaution.
The radioactivity has spread we have noticed and we are collaborating to evaluate the radiation dose levels in other areas, although the contamination level found in the water in Tokyo, the level detected is above the standard for infants. This is expected to last for some time, so residents are advised to take precaution.

in the news:

The smoke is dwindling, but still rising at the reactor, at 4:20 everyone was evacuated from the gray smoke, it changed to white and seemed to be changing.

They will be testing the pump and have lighting on the reactor building, and once the central control buildings, they will be able to evaluate the water levels and temperature.

Num 3 reactor, in regards to the smoke, we are trying to evaluate what the source is.


  1. They are unsure what the smoke was from. If the radioactive elements are clogging in the filter, that could cause smoke. Electricity has been restored to the control room, and some pumps, and so they are able to evaluate the reactors better. For the first time in 11 days light was on in the facility, enabling the workers to evaluate the situation better, then at some point all the workers in 1-4 sites were evacuated from the site. The smoke is possibly from the water dowsing operation from the pool warming up and coming out, but it could be something burning inside, which is why the operators had to leave, and they are uncertain what the smoke is from.

  2. Resident in Toko and surrounding areas told to avoid drinking tap water as a precaution, due to elevated levels of radiation contamination.


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