Monday, March 28, 2011

Japan News Lie About Radiation Levels and Safety - CNN iReport

Japan News Lie About Radiation Levels and Safety - CNN iReport: "I have been in contact with Mr. Kamasami Kong, the Managing Director of the Metropolis News Agency in Japan. For a week Mr. Kong begged me for an interview. I explained the risk of being arrested or beaten by the feds or police in retaliation if I was to agree to an interview. After playing on my sympathy, he insulted me, and I ended the e-mails. Mr. Kamasami Kong, like our news reporters in the U.S. is paid to deceive the Japanese people. His newspaper website claims that all radiation levels are safe. Mr. Kong's contact information is given, as well as more details of how Japan uses the media to give millions of children cancer: all for money, and power. Macon Carrington

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