Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ron Paul Interview On CNN's The Arena: Talks Libya

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  1. I'm a Democrat, but Ron Paul makes sense. The guest who was a Libyan civilian also made sense. He was saying the US should stop sending them money, because it makes Libya a puppet of the US, and only encourages radical islamist to lash out at the government. Get out of Libya and stop giving them monetary aid. Want to stimulate the economy, take take the 20 billion dollar foreign aid money and give every US adult a nice chunk of change to spend on goods or services.
    The government should really review it's foreign aid policy. We have enough problems and disasters domestically. We're in no position to be handing out money to other countries who hate us anyway and will possibly turn around and use it against us, or at the very least will never benefit our economy. It doesn't look like the Arab nations we help give us any kind of break on the oil we then purchase from them.


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