Friday, May 14, 2010

C-Span wants to know what we think of surveillance cameras

Today on facebook, c-span posed an interesting question for
discussion. They wanted to know what we think of surveillance cameras.
This is my response:

Privacy is an important part of a stress free life.

If someone wants to monitor themselves, that should be a private
option and also an option for private property protection only.

There should never be forced surveillance on anyone unless you are a
criminal who is incarcerated. It is a shame that camera surveillance
has taken place of normal interaction, such as people interacting with
others to survey a situation.

This also doesn't stop a crime. It records it.

It is a very lazy way to monitor and sensationalize crime.

Those who say it prevents crime, others could say it increases it.
Some people perform for the cameras and use it as a boasting tool to
brag about their crime.

If a police officer or security interacted with the person, maybe it
would have prevented the crime in the first place.

Many times the images are not helpful anyway. Desensitizing the next
generation in order to make being recorded common place is
unacceptable, the next thing you know, they will be putting them in
our homes. Oh, wait, they are already doing that in the UK.

Is this really living free?

I believe our ancestors came to this country for freedom, yet we are
taking on more and more of the ways of other countries when it should
be the other way around.

We should be the country that is the authority on freedom and being a
Republic. We should take NO example of other countries and how they
monitor or oppress their people. We are a unique country with unique
people who enjoy their liberty, freedoms and living in a Republic.

We should be able to wonder freely without strangers watching our
every move like stalkers.

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