Saturday, May 8, 2010

Call Her Blessed and Mothers day weekend! :0) Also, an update on cancer screening

Call Her Blessed @ "Her Children Arise Up and Call Her Blessed . . .'

This looks like a good read, so here is my Mother's day gift request.

Other than that, wow - could someone clean, seriously! UGH, if I was more able bodied, I bet I could get so much done and would probably stop feeling so depressed. With my multiple diagnosis and being stressed out, it is near impossible to work alone getting these boxes gone through. I did get one of the kids rooms about half done. Then I had to rest from pain, hot flashes and stress. After a little bit, I got back to it! I was really happy I accomplished that much. I hope I can complete the rooms soon. I want to make the house resemble the cabins we stay at, right now, the rooms resemble an artists loft after a weekend of genius self-expression without boundaries... and NO MAID! lol sigh...... have a good one and pray I have the energy to continue on this house de-cluttering project.

Oh, also, no word back yet on my test results... ultrasound the 10th, so keep me in your prayers.

Thank you!

Happy Mothers day to all the mom's out there!

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